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Wimbledon spectator threatens to sue Kyrgios

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London—Nick Kyrgios is facing potential legal action for defamation from a woman he accused of being drunk and disruptive at this year’s Wimbledon final.

During his four-set defeat to Novak Djokovic on July 10, the controversial Australian called on the umpire to eject the spectator.

The woman was briefly removed from Centre Court but later returned.

Anna Palus accused Kyrgios of making a “reckless and entirely baseless allegation” against her that was broadcast around the world.

The player’s claim that she “looks like she’s had about 700 drinks” caused her and her family “very substantial damage and distress”, she said.

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After reflecting, she said had “no alternative” but to instruct her lawyers to bring defamation proceedings to clear her name.

“The need to obtain vindication, and to prevent repetition of the allegation, are the only reasons for taking legal action,” she added in a statement.

“Any damages recovered will be donated to charity.”

She added: “I hope that Mr. Kyrgios will reflect on the harm he has caused me and my family and offer a prompt resolution to this matter.

“However, if he is unwilling to do this, I am committed to obtaining vindication in the High Court.”

British media said Palus is a 32-year-old Polish medical lawyer, who insisted she was not drunk and was supporting Kyrgios, not distracting him.

The threat of legal action is the latest to hit Kyrgios, who is facing a court hearing in Canberra for allegedly assaulting a former partner.

He has carved out a reputation as the bad boy of tennis after a series of run-ins with umpires, line judges, spectators, and the media.

Wimbledon was the world number 26’s first Grand Slam final. He is due to play at the US Open from next week.

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