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Cops warn vs. fake bills after arrest of suspect in Makati

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The Makati police have served warning against counterfeit money being circulated by criminal elements as the “ber months’ or the peak shopping season draws near.

The Makati City Police Station issued the warning following the arrest of a 31-year old man who allegedly tried to make purchases using a bogus P500-bill last Aug. 13.

The suspect, identified as Thom Jerome Pinzon, of Valenzuela City, entered a bake shop in front of Power Plant Mall in Barangay Poblacion Saturday evening and bought bread worth P400 using his fake money.

However, store employees used an ultraviolet light and discovered that the P500 bill paid by Pinzon to the cashier was not genuine.

The shop’s security guard immediately accosted Pinzon and sought police for assistance, resulting in the suspect’s arrest. The suspect was detained at Poblacion police sub-station.

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Police said Pinzon will be charged with violation of Article 168 of the Revised Penal Code (Illegal Possession and use of False Treasury or Bank Notes) before the Makati City Prosecutors Office.

The police are looking at the possible source of the fake bill confiscated from Pinzon, with a view to rounding up his cohorts.

The law enforcers reminded the public that possession and use of counterfeit money is a criminal offense.

They enjoined the public to immediately report any person using such bills in any transaction.

The authorities also urged operators of shopping malls and other business establishments like restaurants and food chains to check properly when receiving payments, and possibly use a detector to check if the bills are genuine.

A genuine bank note has slightly raised images and letters. The colors on the bank note also change when seen in different angles.

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