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People …are talking about Rita Daniela

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Actress Rita Daniela surprised everyone with her pregnancy announcement last Sunday. Rita is undoubtedly happy and excited to become a mother as she feels inspired to do more things for her baby. While everyone shares in her happiness, her co-star in the 2021 television show Ang Dalawang Ikaw, Ken Chan, expressed his support for Rita and will be there whenever she needs him. Now that’s what we call true friendship. 

Liza Soberano 

With a face, eye for fashion, and skills like Liza, it’s only a matter of time before she infiltrates the world’s entertainment capital. Although her recent ventures in Los Angeles started rumors of a break-up with her long-term boyfriend Enrique Gil, Liza clarified that they’re still together and happy, but it was the conflicting schedules that caused them to be apart in the meantime. Liza just seems to have it all, a flourishing career, adoring fans, and a supportive partner. 

People …are not talking about

Dennis Padilla 

The public sympathized with Dennis during Father’s Day after he called out his children on social media for not greeting him. But when his son, Leon Barretto, posted an open letter on Instagram to shed some light on their feelings for their estranged father, the tables turned rapidly on Dennis. Simply, Leon and his sisters just wanted to be protected and accepted by their father. Dennis can start by discussing things privately to keep the public from bashing his children. 

Kean Cipriano 

OPM fans were surprised by his decision to move on from the beloved band Callalily due to a strained relationship with his former bandmates. The band then changed its name to Lily and wrote cryptic messages on social media regarding Kean’s departure. It seems like there’s bad blood among the members as they feel that it’s unfair that only one person enjoys their years of success. Expect more shade and cryptic messages on social media as the story develops. 


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