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People are talking about…Donny Pangilinan

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He can sing, he can dance, and he definitely can act. Is there something Donny can’t do that still warrants the public kilig? Although it’s nearly a year since he released his version of “He’s Into Her,” people can’t help but be drawn to his smooth rendition of the song. His fans’ support gained him a new achievement, 1M views on YouTube. Donny’s (continuous) success is well-deserved. After all, people have him and Belle Mariano to thank for wholesome kilig moments. 

Vico Sotto 

Often the Pasig Mayor, sometimes a food vlogger. Vico stole the show when he debuted his hobby as a food vlogger on his Instagram Stories with unconventional yet honest ratings. Netizens thoroughly enjoyed the wholesome (and hilarious) content from the Pasig City mayor and chimed in with their food reviews that Vico commented on. While his Instagram Stories reverted to his mayoral duties as of late, people are still waiting on his food reviews for a good laugh. 

People…are not talking about 

Jeric Gonzales and Rabiya Mateo 

With several celebrity breakups this year, fans are watching their favorite couples closely to see if there are cracks in their relationship. This time, their focus went to Jeric and Rabiya. They unfollowed each other on Instagram, and Rabiya removed all their photos. Although they haven’t confirmed anything yet, fans are already worried that there’s trouble in paradise. Here’s hoping that maybe they could still patch it up or end their relationship amicably. 

Bugoy Cariño
Fatherhood is no walk in the park. Former child star Bugoy can attest to this as he took on the responsibility early in his life. In his first interview with broadcast journalist Karen Davila for her vlog, Bugoy admitted that he and his partner, EJ Laure, initially planned to have their baby aborted just to save his career. Despite the struggle, Bugoy maintains that he made the right decision, even if it meant sacrificing his career and facing some backlash from the public.


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