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Senators support Robin’s choice to speak Tagalog in debates

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Senators on Wednesday aired their support to actor-turned Senator Robin Padilla  that he will speak in Tagalog during debates in the Upper Chamber.

Padilla is eyeing the chairmanship of the Senate Committed on Constitional Amendments and Revision of Laws and Codes in the upcoming 19 Congress which opens on July 25.

The neophyte senator was asked the other day if he will debate in Tagalog. Noting that he will not be facing Americans, so he would debate in Tagalog.

The neophyte lawmaker also said in jest that he has been studying the English language with his two-year old and four-year old children.

Outgoing Senate President Vicente Sotto III said debating in Tagalog is indeed an option “if you have difficulty in the English language.”

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“But you cannot force others to interpellate in Filipino,” he stressed.

He related that the journal, rules, index and bills are all written in English not to mention the Constitution.

Sen. Chiz Escudero said he has spoken in Filipino on the floor since he was a Congressman in 1998. “There is nothing wrong with it and it is allowed by the Rules,” he added.

Sen.Jinggoy Estrada also agreed that there will be “no problem with debating in Filipino.”

“Remember during the impeachment trial of (the late) Supreme Court Justice Renato Corona, I was speaking in our native language in order for the masa to understand it well. “

In fact, he said there is no rule in the Senate that bars you from speaking in our own language.

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