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‘Hold special licensure exam for teachers’

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Senator Imee Marcos on Sunday proposed that special exams be held this June and in September for Education graduates barred from taking the licensure exams for teachers.

Marcos, who chairs the Senate Committee on Economic Affairs, said that job creation and income relief were being delayed by the decision of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) to hold the exams only for degree holders in 2020 or earlier.

“Our call for an online version of the LEPT (Licensure Examinations for Professional Teachers) more than a year ago fell on deaf ears, so this is the sad result,” Marcos said.

“The PRC and Civil Service Commission should now work double-time to hold special exams for 2021 and 2022 graduates, instead of letting them wait until March 2023. An online version of the LEPT should also be done as soon as possible,” she added.

Marcos said the Career Executive Service Board and other professional regulatory boards have already been able to hold online exams, which could serve as templates for the LEPT.

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Health safety restrictions last year forced the LEPT to be held in smaller batches, but Marcos said special exams are doable now that the pandemic has eased.

The senator warned that the backlog of examinees could worsen if special exams are not held this year and an online version of the LEPT is not ready for the graduates of 2023.

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