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Ping hopes rancor ends as campaign season closes

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One nation, one people again.

This was the last campaign message of independent presidential candidate Senator Panfilo Lacson to the Filipino people as the campaign period for the May 9, 2022 elections ended Saturday.

Lacson hopes that the bitterness and animosity during the entire campaign period will come to an end as well.

“Dear God. Thank You for keeping us all safe from illness and injury as we finish the race to submit ourselves to the will of the people. May the bitterness and animosity be buried with the memories of the most grueling 90 days of our lives and be one nation, one people again,” he said.

Over the past 90 days, Lacson and running mate Senate President Vicente Sotto III, along with the senatorial bets, visited several provinces, including remote areas, and held town hall meetings where they listened to the plight of residents and offered on-the-spot solutions whenever possible, all the while discussing thoroughly their program of governance once elected.

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But the campaign period was also challenging for Lacson physically and mentally, as he had to deal with trolls from the camps of other candidates—as well as adjust his campaign after officials of his former party, Partido Reporma, decided to support a rival candidate.

Lacson capped his presidential campaign Friday night with a miting de avance in his home province of Cavite, followed by a caravan in parts of Southern Luzon Saturday.

He called for a silent revolution where Filipinos can secure a better future for the next generation by using their pens to shade the names of deserving candidates on their ballots on May 9.

With Lacson at Friday’s miting de avance were Sotto, and senatoriables Minguita Padilla, Guillermo Eleazar, Emmanuel “Manny” Pinol, Joseph Victor Ejercito and Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan II.

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