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Vince Rillon, Angeli Khang gamble in ‘Pusoy’

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Are you willing to bet everything for money and power? This is the question that Viva Films and award-winning director and producer Brillante Mendoza would like to answer in the new film Pusoy.

Angeli Khang (left) and Vince Rillon share some intimate scenes in the movie ‘Pusoy’

The film is the story of Popoy (Vince Rillon), an ambitious young bodyguard who works at one of the most notorious gambling dens owned by Rodolfo (Baron Geisler), a combative and disagreeable man and managed by Xandra (Janelle Tee), Rodolfo’s mistress. Popoy works hard for Rodolfo, but he also dreams of taking over the gambling den one day. He finally gets the push he needs when he falls in love with Mika (Angeli Khang), Rodolfo’s new mistress. 

When Rodolfo kills a powerful politician’s son, the gang needs to raise a huge amount of money to be given to a general for their protection. When their lives are put in grave danger, they begin questioning their loyalty to the gang.

Vince Rillon

“The film is different from the previous projects I made. My character is really interesting and there’s a lot of action,” Vince said of his new screen project.

Angeli, on the other hand, said that despite being an action drama film, the audience can look forward to the intimate scenes that she and Vince share in the Philip Giordano-directed film project.

Angeli Khang

“I share some passionate scenes with Vince here. Very professional si Vince. Maganda ang rapport namin,” the sexy actress said. 

Produced by one of the most prominent and important Filipino filmmakers today, who’s widely known as the 62nd Cannes Film Festival Best Director, Brillante Mendoza, Pusoy streams on May 27 only on Vivamax.


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