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People …are talking about Jennylyn Mercado

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A few days before Mother’s Day, Jennylyn gave birth to her first child with Dennis Trillo. The celebrity power couple is now enjoying their private time with “Baby D” and is melting the public’s hearts. Baby D is Jennylyn’s second child, her first one is a son with her former partner Patrick Garcia. The actress remains just as nurturing towards her new daughter, and that’s what makes people admire her more.

Alodia Gosengfiao 

Her presence at the premiere of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, complete in an eye-catching outfit, of course, wasn’t the only talk of the town as she was seen with her rumored boyfriend, entrepreneur Christopher Quimbo. Alodia captioned the Instagram video of their first public appearance together with “Our first movie date?” further sparking rumors about their so-called relationship. 

People …are not talking about

Axel Que 

Fashion designer Axel Que exposed Miss Lapu-Lapu, Sashi Chiesa, for not paying her the full amount for the national costume she wore in the Miss Universe Philippines pageant on April 30. Things went south when Chiesa’s mother went on a social media tirade that accused Que of bullying them for more money. The entire issue sounds like a big misunderstanding between both parties that became messy with the involvement of social media and the Miss Universe Philippines organization. Hopefully, they’ll settle the issue without further drama. 

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Loren Legarda 

Reading her son’s open letter of grief hurt. Lorenzo Legarda Leviste expressed his deepest emotions about his mother’s decision to run under the UniTeam slate. It painted the lawmaker in a new light, one that left people questioning her integrity as a politician. However, people were inspired by Lorenzo’s moral compass and how he fought for the truth, even if it means going against his mother. We need more of the younger generation brave enough to fight for what they believe in.

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