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Vespa has always spurred the imagination of artists, stylists and designers around the globe. Over the recent years, big  names including Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, and Sean Wotherspoon have  coupled their authentic creativity with the unmistakable style of Vespa, developing exclusive brand collections. 

This year, it is time for an unexpected and exciting collaboration at top levels of the global pop culture: Justin Bieber, an internationally acclaimed  music star with millions of fans all over the world, joins up efforts with Vespa to  unveil Justin Bieber X Vespa, a new exclusive Vespa model personally  ideated and designed by the singer. 

Justin Bieber posing with the Vespa he designed

Bieber’s passion for Vespa is well known: “The first time I rode a Vespa was  somewhere in Europe, probably either London or Paris. I just remember seeing  a Vespa and being like ‘I want to ride one of those’. And I had such a great time,  just the wind flying through my hair, the freedom. It was fun,” comments Bieber. 

Glamorous and timeless, the new Vespa designed by Bieber reflects  his creativity, always on whenever he dreams up something unique destined  to become pure inspiration. 

“Being able to  express myself, whether it’s through art, music, visuals, or aesthetics, being able  to create something from nothing—it’s a part of me. Ultimately the goal in  creating and designing is always to put your own unique spin on things,” said Bieber. 

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Monochrome is the underlying style feature that distinguishes the new Vespa signed by the pop superstar. White color, selected by the singer, passes through all elements of the new Vespa Sprint: from the saddle to the grips to the spokes of the rims. The brand  logo and the flames drawn on the body of the vehicle are also tone on tone white; that is the spin the singer wanted to put on the design to embody the  creative drive, vibrancy and vigor – the values shared by both Bieber and Vespa. 

Justin Bieber X Vespa is rolled out with 150cc engines, capacities that have made Vespa history, now revamped in full respect of the most recent environmental regulations. The fresh, youthful geometry of the vehicle makes up a light yet protective body while the handlebar, with its unmistakable  evocative rectangular headlight, supports an extremely modern full color  multifunctional TFT display, in sync with all smartphone functions. The Full-Led lights and the spectacular 12” wheel rims are supreme results of blending style  and technology. 

An exclusive limited edition is complemented by an equally irresistible  accessories collection. A bag, a pair of gloves and a total white helmet with an  utter “Justin spin”, the flames, will make the Vespa experience even cooler. 

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