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Lenovo expands edtech solutions with EdVision

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As the world continues to navigate through the education landscape that has been evolving, education institutions recognize the critical need of adoption of technology to encourage a more collaborative learning experience. Through the updated Lenovo EdVision program, smarter technologies that engineer smarter classrooms for students are provided to meet the needs of the future.

Launched in 2020, the Lenovo EdVision program was launched to hone the digital literacy and skills among students and provide resources and support to teachers to enable them to build their skills and capabilities in digital teaching. The program offers distance learning solutions with technology such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Education, for schools and industry partners to promote digital transformation of education.

“As the world is utilizing remote and hybrid learning, we understand the digital skills and competencies need to be developed in order to fully benefit from a smart classroom,” said Michael Ngan, General Manager, Lenovo Philippines. 

In line with this, the EdVision program is updated to provide a more seamless hybrid classroom experience that offers the next level Lenovo Smart Education solutions. Hybrid learning is not just about taking classes online. Students need powerful, innovative technologies that empower them to learn more effectively, collaborate better, without compromising on security. With a focus on M365 platform, the updated iteration of the program delivers students a more engaging learning experience. It also builds a community for educators to exchange their insights and strategies to navigate hybrid classrooms.

To further support schools and institutions on their digital transformation journey, Lenovo introduces its Smarter Way to Learn campaign that offers end-to-end solutions, empowering the new generation of educators and students with smarter technology. The campaign covers engaging and enriching learning platforms that facilitate synchronous learning, and increase collaboration all while allowing teachers to maintain control of their virtual classrooms.

A study by Lenovo and Microsoft in 20211 showed that while accessibility and flexibility are identified as major advantages of online learning, distractions and social isolation remain barriers to effective online education.

Michael adds, “The hybrid classroom is here to stay. Lenovo, as an intelligent education solutions provider, is enriching the hybrid learning experience by providing solutions that make the modern classroom more interactive and collaborative for both students and teachers, as these will be the key to keeping students engaged with both their peers and their lessons.”


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