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‘First Yaya’ sequel hits the small screen with all-new yet familiar vibe 

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The long wait is over for fans of the hit romantic comedy series First Yaya as the series’ sequel, First Lady, is set to premiere on the small screen with the cast that people came to know and love, but this time, with new twists to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. 

Actress Sanya Lopez reprises her role as Melody Reyes-Acosta, a former nanny who became the fictional first lady of the Philippines after marrying Glenn Acosta, played by Gabby Concepcion, in the first part of the series. 

Sanya Lopez (left) with Gabby Concepcion

However, as with every love story, there will always be trouble. In the sequel, it comes in the form of the NGO Representative of Anti-Poverty Volunteers, Ingrid Domingo. The role is played by Alice Dixson.

This will be the first time that Sanya will work with Alice. The former admitted to being starstruck when they were taping a scene for First Lady. Sanya shared that during the first time she met Alice, she thought her to be captivating and a skilled actress to boot, adding to her excitement upon learning that the senior star will be joining the cast. 

Alice’s character is only one of many who will be part of the series’ sequel and add to the story’s development. 

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Alice Dixson as Ingrid Domingo

As Melody navigates the world of the first lady, she will face new challenges and struggle to fit in Gabby’s world as the leader of a country. Luckily, she won’t be alone as she’ll be trained by three of her predecessors, the first ladies who came before her. 

Viewers can expect to see Francine Prieto as Soledad, Samantha Lopez as Ambrosia, and Isabel Rivas as Allegra. But even though the trio was supposed to offer help, they make things harder for Melody as they meanly suggest that the life of a first lady is not a perfect match for a yaya. 

Other stars joining the cast of the beloved series are Shyr Valdez, John Feir, and Divine Aucina who will either be allies or enemies for the first couple. Fans will also see more of Pancho Magno, Cassy Legaspi, Kakai Bautista, Maxine Medina, and other names from the previous series to make the story more interesting. 

Working with the cast, according to Sanya, left no dull moment during shooting because they would all find the time to hang out even though their scenes became intense. Their bond off-screen makes them feel at ease with each other, thus helping their character’s relationship on-screen. 

The cast also spends time with each other in between shoots

Directed by LA Madridejo, the sequel to the public’s favorite promised to be more compelling with the help of the story writers. And despite the hardships that Melody will face throughout the show, the hit rom-com will continue to make audiences laugh and feel the romance between the president and his first lady. 

First Lady premieres on GMA Telebabad on Valentines’s Day.

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