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Drama intensifies in ‘Prima Donnas’ return to television

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Viewers’ afternoons have never been the same as Prima Donnas, GMA’s top-rating daytime drama, enthralls audiences with a heartwarming tale about family, gripping plot twists, and the performance of a star-studded cast.

 After airing its season finale in February last year, audiences were left raving for more believing there’s more to the story than what meets the eye.

 Fans of the show need not wait any longer to see how the story progresses as the highly sought-after series returns for a second season.  

The cast of ‘Prima Donnas’ Book 2

 Playing vital roles in the series are three of GMA’s brightest and sought-after teen stars, Jillian Ward, Althea Ablan, and Sofia Pablo. They play the Claveria heiresses Donna Marie, Donna Belle, and Donna Lyn, respectively.  

 In the previous season, their characters had to deal with family problems that tested their bond with one another. But the new season of Prima Donnas opens new experiences as the series’ directors Gina Alajar and Phillip Lazaro introduce developments to the plot.  

One thing that viewers can count on in the new season is a touch of kilig as the three Donnas are each paired up with love interests, marking the growth of the three characters and opening them up to the challenges that come with it.  

 Lazaro shared that viewers can expect to feel the chemistry between the co-stars as they navigate their way through life and love.  

 The roles of the leading men for the three Donnas go to Bruce Roeland, Vince Crisostomo, and Allen Ansay.  

 Jillian shared that there were a lot of adjustments to make the on-screen love team convincing, considering their ages. The young actress is known for portraying roles that some people find innocent, but she found a challenge in being paired in a love team for the first time, let alone having a love triangle to spice things up.  

 Yet when it comes to real-life romance, the young stars believe that now is not the time to enter such a commitment. Presently, they are focused on their studies, improving their acting skills, and furthering their careers.  

 According to the three young stars, there was a lot of pressure in creating the second season of Prima Donnas. They are aware that the series received a lot of positive support from the public, and they wanted to match the level of performance they had in the previous season.  

(From left) Althea Ablan, Jillian Ward, and Sofia Pablo

 However, like their characters in the series, the three teen celebrities also matured in their craft, thus leading to intense scenes that loyal fans should look out for. Sofia also shared that even the veteran actors also upped the ante by delving deeper into their roles to unleash emotions that bring forth a new level of performance.  

 Prima Donnas’s cast also includes Katrina Halili, Wendell Ramos, Chanda Ramos, Benjie Paras, Elijah Alejo, and Aiko Melendez. Sheryl Cruz will also be joining the star-studded cast in the new season of the series.  

 Aiko’s role as the main antagonist in the series will also bring forth new trials in the three Donnas’ life as she returns to test the Claveria family’s strength and relationship.  

 Prima Donnas’s new episodes start airing today on GMA Afternoon Prime.


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