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Dressing up the stars

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We’ve often looked up to celebrities and their sense of fashion. The big screen, television, magazines, and even their endorsements all show the various styles that they can pull off.  While some of the stars’ fashion choices, which either sparked controversy or adoration from the public, came from their preference, several others are taken care of by a stylist who makes sure that they stay updated to the latest fashion trends or make a bold statement.

Stylist Gabby Wu

So when you see Gabby Concepcion, Dennis Trillo, Richard Yap, and Tom Rodriguez, remember that the person responsible for their classy and dapper looks is Taiwanese stylist Gabby Wu. 

At an early age, Wu has already recognized his passion for styling. He studied fashion design and merchandising in college. By 2013, he worked as an assistant stylist before realizing that styling could be a lucrative and fulfilling career. He later pursued a solo career in styling in 2014.

Gabby styled Tom and Dennis in an event in Thailand in 2017.

However, the road to achieving his dream wasn’t a walk in the park. He admitted that there were a lot of challenges that he had to face to make styling his main career. 

Trying to sustain styling as a career itself is already a big challenge, according to Wu, because it consumes a great deal of both physical and mental energy, especially when you are just starting since most of the works are project-based. 

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Wu also styles looks for series. Here’s Dennis Trillo in costume for GMA’s TV series’Legal Wives.’

“Later on, if the inquiries are stable, you will be needing to learn how to fix your schedules for it. Other challenges involve being a good communicator, besides the client him/herself, you will also need to know how to communicate with a lot of people you are collaborating with to create the look, from designers to brands, photographers to make-up artists, etc.,” Wu added. 

Although being a stylist may seem like an enjoyable career, Wu believes that there are no shortcuts to anything, especially if one plans to become successful in what they’re doing. But the path ahead can become less arduous to those who are willing to learn from different people and put in the effort. 

Marina Benipayo

Despite all the hurdles in his path, Wu persevered to achieve his dream of becoming a successful stylist. Today, he has styled numerous celebrities such as those mentioned earlier and many others, including Kylie Padilla, Alice Dixon, and Marina Benipayo. 

“It’s always an achievement whenever my clients entrusted me with their image building through styling. It brings me joy in creating looks and trying to communicate through clothing,” Wu said. 

Richard Yap as styled by Gabby Wu.

“I like styling people who are confident about the way they look. Dennis Trillio for instance, he’s a very humble person but when he dresses up, he’s oozing with confidence. That’s the kind of character that I’d like to bring out in people I work with,” he added.

Wu is known for looks that are chic yet bold as he confidently works his way around vibrant colors, flattering shapes, and different patterns to create captivating ensembles. 

Megan Young looks fresh in a bright, yellow dress.

He shared that his work is inspired by what his clients need. He has styled red carpet looks and even studied the script of movies and other productions to create the appropriate visuals that properly convey the character’s personality through fashion. But aside from adapting to the needs of his clients’, Wu also draws inspiration from the happenings in his environment and society, whether good or bad. 

Even the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced Wu’s style. He shared that due to the lockdowns and quarantines, he wanted to create a more relaxed look if given the chance. 

Dennis Trillo

“What you see is happening in the world is reflected in fashion, and if you don’t know what’s happening in the world, you can look into fashion,” he said. 

The Taiwanese stylist is also inspired by body positivity which allows him to celebrate the shapes and curves of the client he’s styling. 

Celebrities have always been put on a pedestal when it comes to fashion. Thanks to stylists like Gabby Wu, they remain a fashion icon in the eyes of their adoring fans for years to come. 

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