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Group wants gradual rise in biodiesel blend

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The Philippine Biodiesel Association proposed a phased increase in the biodiesel blend starting with a 3-percent coco-methyl ester blend or B3.

It proposed a gradual, yearly upshift starting with B3, eventually leading to B5, to cushion “sudden adverse market reaction.” The government implements a 2-percent biodiesel blend.

TPBA also assured there is enough supply to meet the expected surge in demand if the long-delayed coco-biodiesel upshift to B5 happens.

The group said their combined capacity of 877 million liters would be more than sufficient to serve the projected B5 volume total of 650 million liters a year.

House committee on energy chairman Juan Miguel Arroyo expressed support for the initiative to upshift the mandated use of coco-biodiesel, provided “coconut farmers should directly benefit in the planned shift from B2 to B5 fuel blend.”


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