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Euromonitor cites Manila-based e-commerce enabler Etaily as global Megatrend firm

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Euromonitor’s recent Megatrends Report has recognized Manila-based ecommerce enabler Etaily as among the Philippine companies that are shaping the top eight global Megatrends that indicate major shifts in consumer values and behavior.

The 2021 edition of the Euromonitor Megatrends Report cited in Etaily as a solutions provider that is uniquely positioned to help Filipino retailers achieve their full digital potential even – or especially – during the pandemic.  

“Etaily’s expansion is expected to drive the growth and development of e-Commerce among local businesses, giving them the chance to create an omnichannel experience and expand their customer base in the face of growing competition from international e-commerce giants,” read the report.

Etaily’s Founder Alexander Friedhoff expressed elation that the company’s contribution in empowering Philippine retailers to establish and grow their brand in the e-commerce space is gaining recognition.

“Our partners are in the sweet spot, as the Philippines is the fastest-growing market in the region. The entire industry is looking into a bright future. By 2025, the overall internet economy will likely reach $40 billion in value. We are grateful that Euromonitor selected Etaily as one of the companies that are part of that incredible growth,” he said.

The Philippines has risen as one of the fastest-growing internet economies, fueled by e-commerce, in Southeast Asia, which in turn is one of the most dynamic and rapidly expanding regions in the world.

According to the Megatrends Report, 39 percent of Filipinos prefer to purchase local products while another 40 percent are more interested in shopping in local stores. These figures are higher than the global average of 28 percent.

“As an omni-channel solution provider, we are equipped and well-positioned to enable Filipino retailers to achieve their full e-commerce potential and make their products available to the country. It is for this reason that our company was featured in the Megatrends Report,” Friedhoff said.

“The growth of e-Commerce is here to stay. It is wonderful to see shoppers start heading back to stores in droves, and the malls becoming more occupied. The question does arise: will the growth of online shopping continue to boom?  We at Etaily say that, yes, online shopping will still expand and accelerate far more than it did before the shutdowns and social distancing,” he added.

Friedhoff said MSMEs will find “great opportunities” to grow using e-commerce as a platform. 

“If retailers have systems that connect a platform to the order management system, which in turn connects to the warehouse management system, then they will find themselves very strongly positioned. But the real question is how quickly retailers will manage to align their processes accordingly. Online retail must have a synergistic relationship with stationary retail to be interconnected,” he said.

Etaily’s full suite of services covers everything MSMEs need to sell online and thrive in the digital economy, Friedhoff said.

“The technology to do so does exist. In Etaily, we have developed these systems to provide a simple and user-friendly omnichannel presence,” he added.


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