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Maynilad backs water source

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The water supply shortage besetting Metro Manila residents stemmed from the lack of rainfall over Angat Dam, which is the primary raw water source for Metro Manila and nearby provinces, according to Maynilad Water Services Inc.

While Maynilad supports the creation of additional water infrastructure,  it said in a press statement it could only distribute the water volume that it received from existing raw water sources. The government has claimed responsibility for the development of raw water sources, but “we have been working with them to expedite the process because we understand the urgency of meeting the supply needs of our customers.”

Maynilad said it supported the government’s move to push for the completion of infrastructure enhancements like Kaliwa Dam. 

“We believe it is a viable long-term solution to the supply shortage that has been affecting residents of Metro Manila.”

Maynilad, in its statement, said it had been doing its part in implementing the necessary water infrastructure to meet the supply requirements of an ever-growing population.  

Maynilad is currently maximizing the limited supply so we can mitigate the impact of the current reduced allocation from Angat Dam. 

It said: “As an alternative source to Angat Dam, we have added 300 million liters per day to our water production capacity following the construction of our treatment facilities sourcing raw water from Laguna Lake. “We intend to further boost this by another 150 MLD supply. We continue to aggressively implement our Non-Revenue Water reduction program, reactivate deep wells as needed, and deploy mobile treatment plants to source additional raw water from dams in Cavite.”

It added: “We are doing everything within our control to ease the impact of the current supply reduction. Rest assured that we are working with government to ensure water security for the long-term.”


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