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Best gifts for every occasion

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In just a few weeks, it’s Christmas Day! This means gift-giving is about to start.

But are we going to wait for Christmas season every year just to start giving gifts? Why wait for Christmas if you can give gifts on any occasion throughout the year?

Valentine’s Day 

Release the inner child in you and your partner with Nintendo’s innovative take on gaming console with their Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, which are perfect for playing with your loved one. 

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Spend the day indoor with classic and triple AAA video games in a whimsical night full of love and adventures on your hand or with your HDMI-ready television for an exhilarating experience.

As of today, Nintendo Switch is priced around P16,000, while the recently released Switch Lite costs around P13,000.


After graduation, young adults will be facing the stage of adulthood and later on will be having a busy lifestyle. What they will be needing are things that will be useful to them. Giving them a go-to blender is a good idea. 

With its easy-to-use features of milkshake maker like Oster, busy professionals can bring their healthy smoothie with them at work.

You can already have your own go-to blender in just P1,500 to P3,000.


Newly relocated with friends or a family member having a house-warming party? These are perfect events to bring out a portable Korean barbecue grill and make the best samgyeopsal with your buddies.

Bring home your favorite samgyeopsal, while watching your favorite K-drama. Or you can just share what’s the latest gossip while grilling pork belly.

A simple Korean barbecue grill is priced from P600 to P2,500.

Mother’s/Father’s Day

There is nothing greater than giving your parents the right television set on a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day celebration! 

Let them feel relaxed as they binge-watch Netflix films and TV series in high-definition 43” Smart-LED television.

With these TV sets approximately costing P15,000 to P20,000, you can already turn your Friday night into a family movie night.


Celebrating the biggest chapter in one’s life and starting a family are both thrilling and frightening. That’s why giving an induction cooker may be the best starting gift for a newly-wed couple.

Imarflex offers its IDX-1650 Induction cooker for as low as P2,900, just perfect for a heartful family mealtime.

Christmas season

The Christmas season is giving us the cold breeze already and what perfect way to match the weather than to get a coffee-maker to keep you warm.

Bring your ideal coffee into life with Ambiano’s coffee-maker and become your own barista at home.

Show your love to your family by keeping them warm with a cup of coffee starting at P1,000 to P3,000. 

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