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Brief encounter

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Brief encounterKapuso actor and underwear brand ambassador Mikael Daez is definitely on a roll.

Many were surprised to see him with a full mustache with his cheeks, jawline and chine adorned with lots of facial hair. His experimentation bears good fruit, the hair made him look better and definitely sexier. It also to Mikael’s advantage that when you converse with him, you know that something is between his ears.

Daez reacts, “Oh my, thank you for liking it. All of these, the long hair which I still have to grow, the facial hair, salamat naman at buo na ang bigote ko. It’s in preparation for my character in Love of My Life.”

Brief encounter
Actor and Hanford ambassador Mikael Daez

The new drama Mikael is talking about also stars Rhian Ramos, Carla Abellana, and Coney Reyes.

“You know, I have been cleanly shaven forever. Even in my eight years as being a Kapuso, in all my roles. Finally, I will be doing something different, I am offering a side of me, through my character, that they have not watched before,” he continues.

His significant other, Megan Young’s reaction to his new look? Mikael confesses, “At first she hated it, hassle when I kiss her on the cheeks or on her lips. Now, she finds it sexy so I am super happy with it.”

Designing an underwear line for Hanford wherein he is the image model and brand ambassador for half a decade makes him ecstatic.

“I’m amazed that I have my own line and very proud of it. Last year, we really started developing it,” he says.

His underwear collection is comprised of seven items: boxer briefs, boxer shorts, and compression attire. Daez, gamely regales the author with his underwear history.

“My waistline is 32 inches, so for my underwear, my size is supposed to be medium. But, since I have a big behind, for Hanford, my size is large,” shares the brand ambassador.


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