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No, Shaina isn’t going anywhere

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No, Shaina isn’t going anywhereAmid all the speculations of a network transfer, Shaina Magdayao breaks her silence and says she is still very much a Kapamilya.

In a recent interview where she talks about her latest projects and upcoming assignments this year, the 29-year-old actress reaffirms her being a happy Kapamilya.

No, Shaina isn’t going anywhere
Shaina Magdayao in a recent media con where her inclusion in the series 'Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit' was announced

“There are things which are really meant to stay. In this case, it’s actually beyond me. I wasn’t really the deciding factor. Truth is, I wanted to take a break from the spotlight and just do light projects,” she says. 

Surprisingly, it’s during that period when good offers came along. One concrete example is her inclusion in the hit daytime soap Nang Ngumiti ang Langit.

“It came unexpectedly. There’s also this movie I’ll be doing whose script is written by Ricky Lee. You see, it’s been a good year for me. I can say that things are falling into their proper places. For one, I’m simply grateful to still be considered for meaty parts and be included in projects that have advocacies.”

After all these years, it’s clear that she’s still happy with her home studio.

“Oh, yes! For someone who has already plans of resting and slowing down from the ‘biz, I have no right to complain. My career is still doing great. I’m really happy. I’d like to believe that I’m in a good place as of now,” she affirms.

This is an indication that she is meant to continue her acting career.

“Well, yes! Back then, I was already considering taking a break from the scene. I was planning to slow down for two years. As it turned out, it didn’t materialize. Practically speaking, it’s hard to resist work if it just comes effortlessly and lands onto your lap. This is exactly what happened to me so you can still see me now,” she relates.

How about the rumor that she was intending to move to rival network GMA? 

“Honestly, there’s nothing like that. In the first place, there is no offer whatsoever. As I’ve said, I remain as a Kapamilya until now.”

Interestingly, in the event that she truly receives an offer from GMA and it’s tempting, will she consider? 

“If that happens, I will not hide it. The entertainment press will know about it. But at this point, I want to concentrate instead on my projects with ABS-CBN,” ends Shaina.

* * *

Atty. Joji Alonso’s directorial debut in Belle Douleur (Beautiful Pain) is a resounding success. It’s a well-written May-December love story between a clinical psychologist (Mylene Dizon) and a much younger antique store owner (Kit Thompson). 

Atty. Alonso’s handling of the material is commendable. Her angle shots are well-conceptualized and refreshing to the eyes. She really found a good and heartwarming story to tell.  For one, all of Mylene and Kit’s intimate scenes in the film were artistically shot and done in good taste. Viewers will fall in love with the two characters as they present not only the sweet but also the challenges people in a May-December love affair experience.

The movie presents very real emotions and highlights the fine acting chops of both Mylene and Kit. 

No, Shaina isn’t going anywhere
Kit Thompson and Mylene Dizon, stars of the movie, 'Belle Douleur'

With all the positive and encouraging feedback Atty. Joji is presently getting for Belle Douleur, it will be no surprise if she’ll be busy shooting her next project.  


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