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Gracenote signs with Universal Records

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Electro-pop-rock band Gracenote is back with a latest single “Baso at Bote,” which the four-piece band has just released under Universal Records.

Gracenote signs with Universal Records
Electro-pop-rock band Gracenote is back under Universal Records for its latest release 'Baso at Bote.'

The quartet, composed of Eunice Jorge (Vocalist, Keyboardist, Violinist), Jazz Jorge (Bassist/Back-up Vocals), Tatsi Jamnague (Guitars), and EJ Pichay (Drums), has come full circle with Universal Records, the label being the one who distributed their first album First Movement back in 2012.

The contract signing was held at the Universal Records office in Quezon City. Present during the signing were the band members, Universal Records General Manager Kathleen Dy-Go, and Gracenote’s Business Manager Darwin Hernandez. 

“Baso at Bote,” which is the band’s first release under Universal, is a song that encapsulates the overflowing feeling of a first time experience outside of his/her comfort zone, whether it would turn out as a regret or as something unexpectedly enjoyable. As requested by many fans, the track is the band’s first track where bassist Jazz Jorge takes center stage as lead vocalist.

Along with the song’s debut comes a whole day of activities in store for Gracians (the moniker for the band’s supporters) and music lovers alike, as the band will be touring various radio stations and bars to promote the song. At least 50 bars across Metro Manila simultaneously conducted the song’s premiere at 9:00 p.m. on Aug. 9.

“Baso at Bote” is released ahead of the band’s upcoming album Small World, which the band hints as a “combination of everything” they’ve done before but with a fresh new take.

The track is now available for streaming on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, and all major streaming platforms.


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