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Duterte signs Commission for Senior Citizens Act

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President Rodrigo Duterte has signed a new law creating the National Commission of Senior Citizens, which will ensure the implementation of laws and programs for the citizens who belong to the elderly sector.

President Duterte on Thursday signed Republic Act No. 11350 creating the new commission that is expected to formulate policies for the promotion and protection of the rights and well-being of senior citizens.

The new commission will also conduct information, education, and communication campaigns to raise awareness on the rights of senior citizens.

Operating under the Office of the President, the NCSC will also represent the country in international functions or conferences on senior citizens, and is expected to establish linkages with other institutions or organizations from other countries.

The law, copies of which were sent to Palace reporters Friday, abolishes the National Coordinating and Monitoring Board created by virtue of the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010.

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All programs and activities of the Department of Social Welfare and Development related to senior citizens shall be transferred to the new commission, according to the law.

The new commission will be composed of a chairperson and six commissioners who should be at least 60 years old at the time of their appointment, and must come from different geographical regions in the country.

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