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Oh My Gulay! Vegetarian Restaurant in Baguio

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Baguio City might be 6 hours away from Manila, but it’s one of the best tourist spots in the Philippines. Baguio is defined as “The Summer Capital of the Philippines” because of it’s relished cool temperature. One of the best spots I have been in Baguio is the Oh My Gulay! Resto/Museum, it’s one of the greatest artsy vegetarian restaurants inside the city. It’s located on La Azotea Building along Session Road so it’s pretty to find, you can find them on the 5th floor but there’s no elevator available inside the building.

Oh My Gulay! Vegetarian Restaurant in Baguio

You can see different decorations like statues, sculptures, and paintings around the spot and it’s very fascinating to see and take pictures because of its very cultural inspired theme.

Even their menu is very interesting, the name of their items on the menu is very funny and quirky, it’s very artsy like handwritten with a pastel-ish color.

The foods are so good, the vegetarian Pesto Pasta is one of their best sellers and you can tell it is because it’s so good, creamy, and you can taste the veggie touch to it.

Oh My Gulay! Vegetarian Restaurant in Baguio

There’s this vegetarian soup that I think it’s called Pumpkin Soup which is delicious. As for the dessert, the crepe is a must-try, it is topped with ice cream, and a fruit depends on the flavor you want to order. I’ve ordered the peach crepe with a vanilla ice cream on top of it and it’s so good.

I highly recommended this place because not only your stomach will be satisfied but also your sight viewing experience because it’s one of the best restaurants not only in Baguio but in the Philippines in general. The place is photography worthy because the decorations are very unique and well done and also the food is the main highlight of the place.

Oh My Gulay! Vegetarian Restaurant in Baguio

Everyone will definitely enjoy the Oh My Gulay restaurant, even if you’re vegetarian or not.


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