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PhilHealth pays for dengue confinements

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Amidst recent declaration of dengue outbreak in Iloilo province by the Department of Health, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) assured the public that confinements due to dengue are compensable.

“PhilHealth correspondingly insures its eligible patients with dengue (with or without warning) and severe dengue at P10,000 and P16,000,” said BGen Ricardo C. Morales, PhilHealth’s President and Chief Executive Officer, and added that, “These benefits are available at Level 1, 2, and 3 hospitals. In addition, non-severe dengue could be treated in primary care facilities with a package of P7,000.”

The state health insurer declared that even non-PhilHealth members can also avail themselves of benefits when needing confinement due to dengue complications.

“Those with no active PhilHealth coverage can avail of our benefits thru the Point of Service (POS) program where they are instantly afforded with health insurance. If assessed to be financially incapable by the hospitals’ social worker, the government will pay for premiums of a year’s premium at the time of their availment,” added Morales.

The mosquito-borne viral infection causes flu-like illness and is mostly found in tropical and sub-tropical countries. Its incidence has grown rapidly in the past decades.

As of June 2019, the state agency already paid 174,000 dengue claims amounting to more than P1.7 billion. 17,000 of the claims emanated from the NCR which was second to Region II’s count of 19,000. On the other hand, Regions IV-A, VII, X, XI, and XII were among the top regions for dengue claims for a total of 64,000 amounting to P642 million.

Further inquiries on benefits, programs, and services may be referred to PhilHealth’s Action Center Hotline at (02) 441-7442. E-mails may also be sent for clarifications, comments, and suggestions. For more updates, members and stakeholders are encouraged to follow PhilHealth on Twitter (@teamphilhealth) and Facebook (


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