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Group urges public to plant more trees during rainy season

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The Philippine Wood Producers Association (PWPA) is urging all stakeholders in the country anew to plant more trees during monsoon season so they can take advantage of the frequent rains, which are good for the growth of the seedlings.

Group urges public to plant more trees during rainy season
The Philippine Wood Producers Association urges all stakeholders in the country to take advantage of the monsoon season to plant more trees.

“The rainy season creates an excellent environment for the seedlings to take root,” said PWPA chairman Charlie Liu. “Seedlings which are planted during the rainy season can get the most benefit as they generally fare better when they are exposed to moderate temperature and a healthy amount of rainfall.”

The same can’t be said during the warmer months of the year, especially around March to early May, where peak temperatures can leave the soil dry and even kill the seedlings. “Planting during the rainy season allows optimum growth, thereby giving the seedlings a better chance of survival during the summer months,” he added.

He did warn that the moist environment provided by the rains is not enough, and utmost care is also needed for the seedlings to grow properly. This involves, among others, proper irrigation, efficient use of fertilizers, and ensuring the seedlings are shielded against factors that may damage them or hinder their growth.

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“A lot of water is good for seedling growth, but too much and they may decay or washed away. They will also need healthy soil, as well as protection against plant diseases and pests. If proper care is given to the seedling, it will surely grow into a beautiful and healthy tree,” advised Liu.

Liu thus calls on government agencies, academic institutions, civil groups, and the private sector to participate in more tree-planting activities during the said season, in order to slow down the rapid decrease in the country’s overall forest cover, and assure the next generations of a future where trees abound.

“While it may take a few years for the seedlings to mature, we can never go wrong in planting as many trees as we can today so that our children and their children can experience the beauty of Mother Nature and the high quality of life that she promises,” said Liu.

Addressing the Philippines’ rapidly decreasing forest cover is one of the primary goals of PWPA, an organization of wood suppliers and manufacturers that pushes for sustainable forest management to promote the well-being of the local forestry industry. 

The organization continuously promotes wood, which when harnessed sustainably, can be an important driver of growth and development for many communities in the Philippines and its economy as a whole.

In line with its goal to increase the sustainable use of wood, PWPA is holding the Philippine Wood Expo 2019 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza on October 21-22. The event aims to expand the reach of businesses in the wood sector by providing them with the opportunity to interface with other industry players. 

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