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Great days for Anthony Diaz

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Filipino-American actor and filmmaker Anthony Diaz V discovered his love for film since childhood and enthusiastically began his journey into filmmaking through creating dozens of shorts since the age of 15. 

Great days for Anthony Diaz
IN ACTION. The crew preparing for one of the biggest scenes in the movie, which the filmmaker aims to be distributed internationally. 

This has given him a broad range of hands-on experience through screenwriting, directing, producing, acting and editing his own short films early on. 

His passion for filmmaking led him to enroll at the University of Las Vegas Film School, USA (UNLV) where many famous movie directors and producers have taught. He graduated with high honors with a Bachelor Degree in Film in the year 2010 at the age of 20, making him the youngest graduate in the history of the program. 

Anthony wrote, directed, and acted in a short film called Delusion, which was showcased at the UNLV Film Festival. The next film he wrote, directed and acted in, Forgotten Heroes, is about the war in Afghanistan and how it affects a U.S. military family. 

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Great days for Anthony Diaz
 Fil-Am actor and filmmaker Anthony Diaz in a scene from the film, 'Way of the Cross.'

It received rave reviews and has played at various movie festivals. It was also under consideration to be showcased at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., and was highly endorsed by the Gold Star Wives of America – a well-respected organization for spouses of those killed in the US military on active duty.

In 2012, at the age of 22, Anthony started a  film production company, called Kaizen Studios, LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. In 2013, he established Kaizen Studios Co., Ltd. in the Shibuya District in the heart of Tokyo, Japan.  

In 2016, Anthony completed an Independent Hollywood movie, called Break in which he wrote, directed, edited, produced and played the lead role. It is an aspiring American story which uses Japan as a backdrop. 

Great days for Anthony Diaz
Anthony Diaz on the set with Alvin Anson and Roxanne Barcello

Anthony is now in pre-production for his next film to be produced in Tokyo. Recently, he was in town to for the special screening of his latest project, Way of the Cross, which cast local actors including Roxanne Barcelo, Alvin Anson, Rafael Rosell, Miguel Vasquez, Daiana Menezes, Giovanni Respall, and Yussef Esteves,  to name a few. 

Set against a small religious town in the Philippines, Way of the Cross follows Rogelio “Rogue” Marquez (Anthony Diaz V), a Las Vegas-based Filipino American FBI agent, whose estranged father living in the Philippines, is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. 

Rogue travels to the Philippines to visit his dying father and half-sister in Manila. A string of murders occurs during holy week celebrations in the nearby town of San Antonio that send waves of terror among the local town people and stuns the NBI and its top agent. 

Rogue’s curiosity and FBI instincts lure him into a dark cat and mouse world of religious abstracts as he attempts to uncover the motivation behind these murders in hopes to solve the mystery.

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