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Toss coin decides winning bet

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Some say it is lovelier the second time around—and this time the victory was through a coin flip.

Toss coin decides winning bet

The challenger for the mayoral post in Araceli town in Palawan has been proclaimed winner in election via a coin flip on Friday—done within range of the eagle eyes of representatives from the two political camps, the Municipal Board of Canvassers and watchers from both parties.

In the flip, former mayor Sue Cudilla, who won against incumbent Noel Beronio in 2013 but won in 2016 during their second face-off, won against the latter in the best of three coin tosses by Election Officer Emil Alili Friday.

The canvassing of votes on Thursday revealed a tie for Beronio and Cudilla who both received 3,495 votes from 16 clustered precincts.

Their supporters had anticipated a tight race in Monday’s poll based on their experiences in past elections.

It was in 2013 when the two candidates first ran against each other for the mayoralty post where Cudilla won. Beronio won 2016 elections against Cudilla with just a margin of 19 votes.


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