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No more TV soap for Echo?

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No more TV soap for Echo?After the hit series Halik where he shared the frame with Sam Milby, Yam Concepcion, and Yen Santos, Jericho Rosales reveals that he would like to stop on doing a drama series yet again.

“I’ve been saying this in the past. If you will remember, there’s The Legal Wife, Magpahanggang Wakas, and then, Halik which are all dramatically explosive. Of course, I’m proud that viewers tremendously supported these programs.  It’s just that at this point, I want to re-package myself and do something new. I guess, it’s my responsibility as an artist,” the dramatic actor says.

No more TV soap for Echo?
Drama actor Jericho Rosales

Echo hopes people won’t get him wrong. It’s not because he’s already tired of the ‘biz or the acting profession in general. On the contrary, he wants to work harder. 

“It’s my desire to find a fresh material. Surely, doing something new will be a most healthy and welcome idea. I plan to take a three-month break before doing a new show again,” he states.

Speaking of comeback, the actor was asked on fellow Kapamilya John Lloyd Cruz’s alleged possible return to the showbiz scene after a hiatus for quite some time already.  There are rumors circulating that Lloydie will be seen endorsing a huge account soon, which delights his solid followers.

“Well, that’s great news. Actually, I knew that even before. Lloydie’s a talented actor and it’s disheartening to see such talent go into waste, right? I’m positive that he will come back. Just like Diet (Diether Ocampo). I heard he is also staging a comeback. Maybe it’s the season of comebacks. Exciting, isn’t it?”

Echo recalls that he himself also took a long break from acting at one point.

“I think it was in 2006. Then, I decided to turn my back from acting and give way to my recording career. Interestingly, that period in my life served as an eye-opener for me. Eventually, it made me realize how essential my acting career was. You can’t leave it just like that. I’m not saying that you can’t take a break from the scene sometimes. Actually, you need to turn your back on something to realize and discover its true value in your life,” he avers.

Meanwhile, when it comes to his married life, the critically-acclaimed actor is happy and contented.

“My wife is the greatest blessing in my life. She perfectly understands my passion for acting, in the same way, she’s passionate with modeling and hosting. I’m really so blessed to have a partner who has the same level of passion for her craft.”

This is the main reason why they are not so keen on having kids at this point.

“We still have a lot of dreams to fulfill. Having a baby now is not a good idea since we’re focused on accomplishing more in our respective turf. What’s good is that no one or nothing is putting us under pressure to have children. I believe it will come in the right and perfect time,” ends Echo. 

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Jasmine Curtis-Smith is not sold to the idea of snatching the title Horror Queen from Kris Aquino now that she’s starring in the scream flick Maledicto.

“Oh please, no! I don’t want to get it from Madam. We all know that’s Ms. Kris Aquino. She achieved it on her own so it’s hers. Every actor or actress can have his or her own title,” she says.

If given the chance to choose, what showbiz title does she want?

“Is it okay if I’ll have all the genres? Ha-ha-ha! But seriously speaking, let’s see what would fit me. Anyway, my career is still young. It’s a long way to go.”

In Maledicto, she breathes life to the role of a nun who is also a clairvoyant.

“Actually, it’s the first time that I’m portraying a nun on screen and it’s challenging. In the story, she sees and feels things that are beyond the natural. It’s a different Jasmine people will see in here.”

What’s the most challenging part in the movie?

“Oh, the fact that I was acting with special effects!” she avers. “You should know how to imagine that you’re interacting with flying plates in the scene. It’s really a huge challenge for me since I’m used to interacting with real actors in both movies or soaps that I do.” 


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