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‘Halik’ is unpredictable–­Jericho Rosales

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‘Halik’ is unpredictable–­Jericho RosalesJericho Rosales is both happy and proud with the success of his currently airing soap opera over at ABS-CBN titled Halik where he shares stellar billing with Sam Milby, Yam Concepcion, and Yen Santos.

“I think what’s good with our show is that it’s not predictable. The viewers are in for exciting twists and turns in the plot,” he says.

‘Halik’ is unpredictable–­Jericho Rosales
'Halik' is extended due to its outstanding performance in the ratings game. 

The competent actor also cites how the four leads meticulously approach their respective characters.

“That I believe is another of our strong points. All of us have collaborated in handling each character. Like in my case, I ask myself, where shall I take Lino, my role? It’s a man’s perspective. We have lots of male viewers and they really follow every episode. They wait for my character’s decision in many crucial points in the story. That’s why I ask real people and their comments guide me in my delineation of the role.”

Echo opines that true storytelling plays an important role in their program’s present popularity.

“It spells the big difference. We are concerned with how realistic the scenes should be mounted, where people won’t find them corny. This is the reason why I give my all in my performance. The kind of acting I give in movies, the same I give in Halik. I think of quality entertainment which our loyal viewers deserve.”

The Kapamilya reveals that their soap will have an extension.

“I just don’t know exactly until when but the production asked for my schedule up to March of next year. I was actually planning for a vacation on February but they’re still fixing everything.”

Do inevitable things like this affect his relationship with his wife (Kim Jones)?

“Like I have to postpone or reset our vacation if ever? Nope, she understands the demands of my job. She’s so supportive!”

At this point, Jericho cannot ask for more and that’s what matters.

“Imagine, I have a hit show in which the cast, directors and crew are all my friends. If you’ll only witness how relaxed and comfortable we are on the set. For me, it’s better than starting a new show which entails huge adjustment again. In here, we’re okay and we’re just working diligently,” he ends.

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Speaking of her entry to the forthcoming 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival One Great Love, Kim Chiu assures that it is so far her most mature screen portrayal.

“Well, of course, you’ll hear from lots of stars that they’re different in their latest potboilers. It has become a fad come promotion time. But in my case, I can really say that this is a fresh take for me. It’s really something different from my previous starrers.”

According to the chinky-eyed star, she stepped up in this Eric Quizon megger.

“It’s like I’m five steps higher here. I really went out of my comfort zone in this one. It’s the first time that the people will see me figure in a love scene. In my entire career, it’s only now that I agreed to do such. That just goes to show that I have so much faith in the material. I want the public to see a different Kim in this film,” she assures. 

The petite actress is proud of the fact that in her latest big screen offering, she’s hands-on.

“I was given the chance to give suggestions in the scenes being shot, particularly mine. I’m very happy that Direk Eric was open to my ideas. I’m so happy that they appreciate my comments and suggestions. It was the first time that I experienced being able to express my viewpoints to our director in order to improve a scene.”

Meanwhile, she praises her two male co-stars in the film.

“Dennis (Trillo) is quiet but intense. Everyone knows his calibre as a thespian. JC (De Vera) is also good. I’m really honored to share the screen with such talented actors!”

Kim is certain that film buffs will like their offering.

“For sure, they’ll do. It’s a fresh combination and the storyline is very relatable. I’m excited with how the viewers will accept it. I hope that come Dec. 25, they’ll take time to watch it. It’s a definite must-see,” she states. 


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