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Laguna Water offers free desludging service

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Santa Rosa City—As the world celebrates World Toilet Day this November, Laguna Water joins the movement by inviting more households and establishments to avail of its desludging or used water siphoning service as a means to ensure the continued protection of the environment.

Laguna Water offers free desludging service
Laguna Water general manager Shoebe Hazel B. Caong (standing right) and Dustin Ibañez (foreground, left), communications and branding manager, present the portable toilet solution for toilet-less communities with unstable water supplies during a media tour in celebration of World Toilet Day last Nov. 22. Roy Tomandao

According to the World Health Organization, 4.5-billion people worldwide do not have access to safely-managed sanitation services where toilets are not connected to a sewer or a septic tank and human wastes are not treated properly, causing contamination of groundwater and other natural bodies of water.

In the Philippines, the improper disposal of untreated used water has been identified as one of the leading causes of pollution of Laguna Lake, posing major health threats to various communities in the Province of Laguna.

It now becomes imperative that domestic used water discharges are properly treated to protect the lake and improve its water quality.

To assist the government in preventing Laguna Lake from becoming an open septic tank due to the high discharge of untreated used water, Laguna Water continues to intensify its Tamang Sanitasyon Equals Kalusugan, Kalinisan,at Kaunlaran ng Bayan (TSEK ng Bayan) program.

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Launched in April of this year, TSEK ng Bayan is a three-pronged approach that aims to improve Lagunenses’ access to adequate sanitation services, particularly proper used water management.

The program promoted support for sewage management for households and establishments connected to a sewer network, regular desludging service for those with septic tanks, and provision of communal toilets and portable toilet solution for toilet-less communities.

More than 100,000 customer households or 500,000 residents of the cities of Binan, Santa Rosa and Cabuyao are the initial beneficiaries of TSEK ng Bayan.

The company ensures that collected used water (sewage and septage) undergo a rigorous process at the Laguna Technopark, Inc. Sewage and Septage Treatment Plant (LTI SSTP) to comply with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Class C Standards, which is suitable for sustaining aquatic life.

LTI SSTP has a treatment capacity of 11 million liters of sewage per day and an additional 70 cubic meters of septage per day.

It also boasts of the use of Food Chain Reactor Technology (FCR), which is a first in the Philippines. Provided by Organica Water, a global leader in providing used water solutions, FCR utilizes more than 3,000 species.

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