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Hassle-free PMS at Kia

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Columbian Autocar Corporation, the distributor of Kia vehicles in the Philippines, is enlisting the help of Kia’s beloved cast of characters, Enzy & Friends, to help spread the word on the benefits of regular PMS visits for your Kia.

Hassle-free PMS at Kia

Enzy & Friends are a set of characters developed with motifs drawn from various automobile-related characteristics that were designed to help people foster a deeper interest and familiarity with their car.

Enzy, the lead character, likes to go on great adventures with friends who each have different abilities. Enzy represents the spark that delivers the power required to move a car. Razy represents the radiator that blows cool wind to keep the car from overheating. Aqu represents the washer liquid that keeps the car windshield clean. Tory represents the battery, the source of a car’s electricity. Laito represents the headlamps that enable cars to run safely at night.

The whole group works together to help spread vital information to vehicle owners regarding the importance of following your Kia vehicle’s PMS schedule via Kia Motor Philippines’ social media accounts. From friendly reminders on how frequent you should drop by a Kia service center to what sort of questions they can ask their Kia service advisors on how to better care for their car at home. 

The PMS process is done by trained Kia technicians. They inspect, adjust and replace parts as necessary and help keep your vehicle running in optimum condition. PMS needs to be done at regular intervals according to the recommended schedule based on your vehicle in order to keep in optimum running condition.


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