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Thelma Chiong walks out of Cebu cinema during ‘Jacqueline Comes Home’ rape scene

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Thelma Chiong, the mother of Jacqueline and Marijoy of Cebu's controversial Chiong sisters' case, stormed out of the cinema crying as the movie “Jacqueline Comes Home” reached its part reenacting her daughters’ alleged rape and murder.

In a video circulating online, Mrs. Chiong was seen bawling outside Cinema 1 of SM City Cebu where her husband Dionisio and movie director Ysabelle Peach Caparas were among those who comforted her.

Thelma and Dionisio Chiong were among the audience of the movie’s premiere night.

The biographical film which portrayed the events on July 16, 1997, where their daughters Jacqueline and Marijoy, were raped and slain at 21 and 23 years-old respectively.

More than two decades later, a movie was released to remember the injustice of the tragic events which happened to the Chiong sisters.

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When the film was on the climax of the rape scenes, reported that loud cries from Mrs. Chiong were heard inside the theatre before she stormed out.

In the same article, Caparas said that Mr. and Mrs. Chiong were not among those who have watched the movie prior to the premiere night.

Jacqueline Comes Home stars Donnalyn Bartolome and Meg Imperial as sisters Marijoy and Jacqueline who were abducted at Ayala Mall, Cebu.

Marijoy, 23 then, was found dead in a field in Carcar City, Cebu while Jacqueline is still missing up to this day.

Upon the release of the movie’s trailer, it drew flak from the netizens with people accusing the movie having a one-sided story. 

The 2011 documentary Give Up Tomorrow also resurfaced in line with the release. The biopic showed leading suspect Paco Larrañaga's side on the case.

Actress Donnalyn Bartolome then posted on Instagram in defense of the movie saying, “This is the story of the Chiongs no one has seen. It’s their story behind the cameras and the media. People are saying the movie is biased and to not watch it.. but won’t you be the biased one if you don’t?"

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