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CNN Philippines launches digital series ‘Digi-Pinoy’

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Broadcast journalist Mitzi Borromeo in CNN Philippines' 'Profiles.'

CNN Philippines’ award-winning TV newscaster Mitzi Borromeo goes back to her passion for documentary-making through her new TV show Digi-Pinoy, the news network’s first digital series. 

Borromeo leads the TV channel’s strategy to focus on documentaries and long form narratives as she steps away from her news anchor role. 

 CNN Philippines, the only predominantly English-language channel on free-to-air television, is revitalizing its block programming this year as it aims to attract more digitally-inclined audience with its new program concepts.

 “This 2018, CNN Philippines wants to focus on serving the audience on digital,” said Armie Jarin-Bennett, president of Nine Media Corporation, owner of CNN Philippines. “Mitzi pitched a concept to me several months ago, and I thought that it perfectly fit the direction of the channel this year.”

 Digi-Pinoy explores how information technology has changed the Filipino way of life. The show allows Borromeo to tell unique human stories in the context of the digital age.

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 “I’ve always been very fascinated about human behavior, on why people act the way they do. These days, we can’t deny that information technology is very much in our lives as we are always on our phones posting about our lives. Digi-Pinoycaptures how digital technology is shaping the way we live, and how it’s affecting the way we connect to people,” Mitzi Borromeo shared. 

 “We explore topics such as education, work or even families, such as families of OFWs who are away and may be raising kids through a computer screen. It is such an interesting world we live in today. With Digi-Pinoy, we try to investigate this new culture that the digital world is bringing us.”

Borromeo has always been getting deeper into stories with her show called Profiles, an award-winning weekly current affairs program that’s been running for three years now. She has indeed come full circle from her early beginnings as an executive producer and writer on National Geographic Philippines, and her awards such as KBP Golden Dove Award’s ‘Best TV Newscaster’ for her work on CNN Philippines’ Newsroom.  

 “The magical moments for me are in making connections with people and meeting minds. It’s like falling in love each time I broaden my understanding of the world through their lives and unique stories. I’m very grateful and excited for the opportunity to mine more interesting stories through documentaries like Profiles and Digi-Pinoy, and share them with the audience in the hopes of promoting positive values and renewing faith in humanity. 

Digi-Pinoy premieres in March on and, while Profiles airs on CNN Philippines every Wednesday, 9:30 p.m..

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