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Today’s rising star prototype

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While in a press conference featuring singer-songwriter TJ Monterde, I found out he’s 27 and by instinct asked him about his take on the “27 club” subject — that still-growing list of legendary musicians who died or killed themselves at age 27. I wasn’t really sure if he was into that intriguing detail in mainstream rock history. Yet, I liked his answer as he contemplated about his age being a “mid-life crisis in your 20s,” emotionally struggling if one has achieved enough in life or not. He somehow thought that such transition could have made it difficult for some 27-year-old celebrities to survive beyond it. 

By his reply alone TJ came across as a guy who knows how to make something out of one seemingly senseless. Small wonder his star is rising steadily; he does things with a lot of sense. 

TJ Monterde

“I’m so thrilled for this new chapter and continue making music for all,” he said after renewing his recording deal with Polyeast Records which has been his home label for six years. 

If you watch him play live, you will notice that someone is backing him up vocally and the blending sounds good. He’s actually using a

gadget that allows his own voice to sing with him in a different pitch. It meant there’s no way the second voice will hit a wrong note. 

TJ also makes use of an attractive-looking guitar. In another presscon, he let me borrow and play it myself in front of bloggers . He doesn’t settle to just appearing handsome himself; his equipment should go with the appeal. 

Prior to his first major concert last June, he expressed with gratitude, “Not everyone is given a chance to express himself though music.”

By now it is known that A-lister KZ Tandingan is his girlfriend. Some will say merely the heart decides on the issue of romance, but falling for a co-artist is a decision that can affect one’s career to some extent. Not all fall for the right person. Many fans of Kurt Cobain, a 27 Club casualty, are likely to agree. 

TJ just did a Valentine concert with KZ in Cagayan De Oro, his hometown. 

Last month his single “Mahika” won “Pop Song of the Year” at the Wish Music Awards. Moments before winning he humbly told me, “A nomination is more than enough acknowledgment for me.” The song’s music video has amassed more than a million views on YouTube. His latest single “Kahit Kunwari” stayed in the top ten of MYX Weekly Countdown for six consecutive weeks.

TJ has since released three albums. His hit songs include “Ikaw At Ako”, “Dating Tayo”, “Tulad Mo”, and “Imahinasyon.”


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