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Trillanes tagged persona non grata

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Davao City Council has passed a resolution calling Senator Antonio Trillanes a 'persona non grata.'

This was during their regular session today.

The move was led by Davao City Vice Mayor Bernard Al-ag.

He and the councilors condemned the lawmaker who claimed Davao City has the highest number of murder cases in the country and second highest in incidents of rape. 

Al-ag said the resolution does not mean Trillanes may not visit Davao City.

In fact, local executives are urging him to walk around the city without bodyguards to see if his life would be in danger.

In response, Trillanes said, the truth hurts.

He noted the people supposedly already know about it or they are just tolerating the situation.

Trillanes added his figures were based on a report of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in December 2015.

Davao City has also declared Filipino philantropist Loida Nicolas Lewis a 'persona non grata.'

This comes, after President Duterte accused Lewis of conspiring with the International Criminal Court (ICC) to remove him from office. 



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