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People…are talking about : Megan Young and Mikael Daez

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Megan Young and Mikael Daez

Forget PDA and occasional LQ made publicly through social media. That’s not the proper venue to tell the entire world that you are dating and having a grand time together. Take for example this couple that decided to keep everything about their relationship low key. Who would have thought that Megan and Mikael are already celebrating seven years as a couple? Maybe almost a decade of not to blatantly blabbing about their private lives is the reason they are still together. 

Moira dela Torre

She is, without a single doubt, the most popular upcoming singer in town. Not only has she dominated Spotify, YouTube, and Billboard PH, she’s also able to amass a number of solid following in a very short span of time. Now for a litmus test, the young singer, who’s behind the hit songs “Malaya” and “Titibo Tibo,” will finally be in a concert of her own. Will she get the same reception from concertgoers? That’s what we are more excited to find out.

Donna Carriaga

From winning the stand-up comedy contest in It’s Showtime to being an online sensation, the comedienne and former stage actress is now making it big. With her videos watched by millions on YouTube, everyone is just excited about what she’s going to do next. No wonder, even the country’s most watched music channels have tapped her to be their celebrity VJ this month.

People …. are not talking about

Jason Abalos

Many people thought that the actor was going to be huge as he had done almost everything he could to make it happen, and yet he hasn’t still make it as he’s even relegated to playing support roles. Of course, to save he’s ego, he’d say he is still fortunate for the countless assignments given to him. It’s a matter of quantity over quality, and that simply explains why Jason remains a starlet. 

Diego Loyzaga

The young actor has spoken in reference to the nude video he “accidentally” posted online. He said he was just trying to join a Swedish and Finnish tradition when people go in a tub naked before heading to a sauna. Well, if that’s really the case, why was there a video clip of his nakedness? Is he really that adventurous? We doubt!

John Llloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna

The not so very private couple who never even asked for privacy plays a different game in terms of revealing the status of their relationship including the supposed wedding plans and the baby on the way. They play so hard to get but at the same time show too much off on social media. If that’s a strategy just to be at everyone’s radar, it will reach a saturation point as some people already find it really cheap. It’s as if they’re just doing it to elicit reaction from the public so they could still remain relevant. 


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