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People…are talking about: Liza Soberano

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Before they flew to London to spend Christmas, the love team distributed packed meals to street dwellers around the metro. And yes, it was captured on camera, not by a major news outfit though but by someone close to the duo who was amazed by their generosity and genuine concern. The trouble in our society, no matter what you do, people will always have something terrible to say about your act. But just like what the viral Thai commercial about a woman who didn’t care about what social media think about her, continue doing good deeds is better than doing nothing at all. Most people don’t see what happens behind the camera or the story behind a short video clip. 

MMFF 2017

Since the annual parade kicked off on Saturday, fans and local movie aficionados couldn’t get enough of this year’s MMFF lineup and the stars that headline each film entry. While at least two films deserve to be part of the film fest and awards it gives out, other films were included solely to generate buzz and of course revenue – perhaps the only reason why MMFF still exists up to this day. Nonetheless, it’s good that there’s something that can entertain us during this period of the year when most of us just don’t want to use our brains and just relax for a bit.


…are not talking about

The Unmarried Wife

More than one year since it premiered on the big screen, the drama that starred Angelica Panganiban, Paulo Avelino and Dingdong Dantes is getting everyone’s attention once again after it got 15 nominations at the annual Famas Awards. That’s one nomination in every category. This actually makes us want to revisit the film to validate what the Famas saw in this film so we wouldn’t be surprised if it sweeps all the recognition come awards night. 

Bong Revilla

His family photo taken during Christmas Eve is making rounds online. It was a happy photo indeed. But the same photo underscores numerous defects in our society and government where it’s fine for the rich and powerful to spend time with their family outside their prison cell during special occasions while it’s not acceptable or allowed for people who belong to the other end of the social spectrum.  With delicadeza being everyone’s favorite word right now, people could only wish Bong Revilla and his family had it in their vocabulary. 

Kris Aquino

A few weeks ago, a clip of Bimby went viral and netizens were quick to react questioning the kid’s sexuality. And just recently, when Kris was showing off her not-so-very-humble abode, she let the kid talk about the viral clip yet again exposing him to online trolls.  Whatever her motive was, it wasn’t the netizen’s fault if the kid would end up hating social media and her mom’s attempt to still become and remain relevant. 

Aliw Awards

We are either living under a rock or Aliw Awards is just so irrelevant that we are almost unfamiliar with most of the winners who got their trophies during its annual awarding ceremonies. How we wish it were the first so we could update ourselves with the latest in theatre, opera, dance, live vocal and instrumental shows. Otherwise, this 40-year-old award giving body should implement major restructuring and get new people who really know what’s happening in live music and performance circuit. 


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