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My Furry Bestie

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This corner features pets of animal lovers every week. We hope new owners and those thinking of getting a pet will be encouraged to be responsible “furparents” through these features. We also hope more people will be moved to be kind to animals when they read about the great relationship that can be created between humans and animals.

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POLANE suffered a lot when she was just a kitten.  She had a severe head injury and burns all over her small body.  She was posted in Facebook for rescue  but no one was responding then.

Manhil Samper, with only a few pesos  in her pocket,  decided to rescue her and bring her to the vet. 

"It  seemed like she was just waiting to die when I saw her at the taxi terminal.The drivers helped me clean her.  Pinaso siya ng uling kaya puro uling ang katawan niya," Manhil says. 

She also gave the kitten water and cat food which Polane finished.  "She was so hungry," Manhil recalls. 

At the clinic, Polane underwent surgery twice.  She is one brave kitten, a real fighter,  this Polane. 

Look at her now, she is  such a beautiful cat. 

ADURING or NESSA lost an eye when she  was  three months old after  her sibling accidentally scratched her eye, says MG Quitevis Uno

Her Daddy Ed brought her to the clinic where she  underwent an operation to remove the injured eye.  Today, she is nine years old and  can play and run around  like a normal  dog. Unfortunately, her Daddy Ed passed awaya 7 months ago. 


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