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Only Naturals campaign says no to harmful chemicals

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Have you ever wondered what are in the products you use to wash your face and hair and to moisturize your skin?

To give your skin and hair the best tender loving care, use only products that contain ingredients that won’t harm your skin.

For its Naturals line, Watsons has harnessed Certified Organic ingredients from the best sources globally.

For example, Paw Paw is obtained from Australia. Marula is from Africa, Olive from Italy and Aloe vera from the United States and the United Kingdom.

GOOD FOR THE SKIN. Naturals by Watsons products are made of Certified Organic ingredients from the best sources globally. 

So what are Naturals by Watsons products made without? 

 “You won’t find Parabens, Mineral Oil, Silicone, SLS and Isothiazolinone in any of the Naturals by Watsons products,” said Watsons group category manager Jared de Guzman.

Mineral oil, often called liquid petroleum, can clog pores. Parabens act as preservatives in our beauty products and are suspected to have harmful effects on the body with long-term use. SLS help our shampoo become bubbly but they can make your hair and scalp dry. Silicones can congest your pores and cause acne. Isothiazolinone can cause allergies.

The Watsons Only Naturals campaign aims to help people learn more about the power of natural products by telling the public where they came from and what their benefits are, plus the lowdown on what harmful ingredients to avoid.

During the launch at Le Petit Souffle in Century Mall, Watsons introduced seven ranges formulated with Certified Organic ingredients Olive, Argan, Marula, Aloe vera, Paw Paw, Rice bran and Macadamia.

Olive moisturizes the hair and hydrates the skin.

Watsons Switch and Save Ambassador Kylie Padilla

Argan, which comes from Morocco, has been called liquid gold. It has revitalizing and moisturizing properties.

Marula restores hair moisture and tames frizz.

Aloe vera soothes sensitive skin and scalp. It also strengthens hair from roots to tips.

Paw Paw keeps skin healthy with its repairing properties.

Rice bran from Japan whitens skin without drying it.

Macadamia brings back vitality to hair and scalp.

Present during the launch hosted by Inez Bernardo was Watsons endorser Kylie Padilla. Also gracing the event were GMA Artist Center talents Arianne Bautista, Pauline Mendoza and Koreen Medina.

Naturals by Watsons are reasonably priced from P99 to P259. The line is exclusively available at Watsons and the SM Store Beauty Section. If you are a SMAC member, you can get 25 percent off on your favorite Naturals by Watsons products until today.


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