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My Furry Bestie

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This corner features pets of animal lovers every week. We hope new owners and those thinking of getting a pet will be encouraged to be responsible “furparents” through these features. We also hope more people will be moved to be kind to animals when they read about the great relationship that can be created between humans and animals.

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BASTY was with Beebom Aquino during the lowest moments in her life “when everyone turned their backs on me.”

“My bestie, my boy, my life. Basty came to me six years ago when he was just  two months old. I was paying my rent when this little furball began kissing my shoes. My landlady did not want him so I adopted him. From then on, he never left my side. He was always with me. He is the only thing I can call my own. I love this boy beyond words,” says Beebom.

STAR loves her bowl so much that she either rests  inside the bowl, or sleeps in it, specially when there is food, says  Ruby Bautista. 

STAR is the baby  of  Lunar and Solar, two kittens who  was “rescued” by her  two dogs.  Ruby saw her two dogs seemingly  guiding  the then two kittens down the street, and into  her garage. They  survived on fresh milk and are now grown-ups with their own set of kittens, which include Star.

GOKU is half rottie  and half aspin who loves tuna, grass, and motorbike rides. 

Joanna Bregaudit Vergara says Goku, one year and four months old, also loves to chase waves.

Joanna is just thankful Goku survived  parvo virus, a fatal illness that hits very young dogs and senior dogs with no vaccine or whose  immune systemis  weak. 

To Joanna, he  brings so much love into their home.  “He is  a very adorable, friendly, intelligent, wise and handsome monkey. He is my baby pie,” she says. 


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