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Celebrities show real connection with moms on Mothers’ Day celebration

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Nobody does it like PLDT HOME.

The recent celebration of Mothers’ Day has got most of us swooning over delightful tributes on Facebook and Instagram given by doting children from all walks of life to their beloved mothers. 

At least for a moment there, the children (and when we say children, we mean today’s young people who invade our households with their millennial principles of politically-correct, gender-equal, free-speech dictum) revealed a side of them that puts premium on what’s real and sincere in connecting to their beloved mothers – contrary to what cyber relationships of the modern world is perceived by many.

A lot of the youth may find it very hard to enunciate their feelings by hiding all sorts of contraptions. But the occasion at best showcased what connecting for real was about. Mothers’ Day, thanks to the geniuses behind PLDT came to be a sincere expression of real love by real people, real emotions that lead to real connections. It was a lovely day, indeed. 

PLDT shows that their commitment towards promoting the home and family connection is more than just skin-deep. Because asking people to disconnect is something only a big and established telecommunications network such as PLDT can do. And it’s admirable that PLDT is taking the lead on this advocacy.

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The line got blurred and feelings were celebrated. PLDT HOME is for the real persons living in it. Hats off once again to the geniuses behind PLDT HOME for this wonderful Mothers’ Day gift. Truly it is about how to connect and make lives better.

The PLDT HOME campaign #connectforreal was an astounding success. The video ads spoke in volumes about what the children wanted and needed to say to their mothers and served as a rightful jump-off point for the campaign that netted a lot of beautiful, endearing and fun memories for the parent from their children.

Mothers all over the world were celebrated on that special day, paid tribute to, shown much love and affection by their families. Truly, the unsung heroes in the household owned that special day and gloried in the love, attention and affection showered to them by their family members. The evidence is all over the Internet. 

 Theater actress Ayen Laurel (right) reminisces happy moments with her late mother (left)

Even celebrities took to the bandwagon and shared their bit of this private world they live in. TV and movie actress Isabel Oli, herself now a new mother; minced no words in appreciating and upholding her mother Veronica for the love she experienced in her life. While up and coming theater actress Mariella Laurel, daughter of TV-movie-theater actress Ayen Laurel, celebrated the person her mother is on her Facebook posts. 

Isabel Oli writes,“ This is me and my Super Mom Veronica. Why do I call her that? Well, many of you don’t know that I’m the youngest of 7. Do you know how hard it is to raise all of us? I mean raising 1 child is pretty challenging. How much more with 7? We grew up with no helper and yaya. She basically did everything – from household chores, sending us to school and tutoring us after, cooking our meals, washing and ironing our clothes, sending us to bed, the list can go on. She taught me everything like how to distinguish right from wrong, how to love and not hate, how to forgive people when they hurt you, who is God, etc. She constantly reminded us to pray everyday. She still does up to now, though most of us are married already. She would send a reminder in our group chat to praise God not just during good times but most especially when times are tough. Even if I’m married now, I still long for her care and love. Not a day goes by that I dont miss or think of her. That’s why I always video chat her or call her just to show her how much I miss and love her. I am what I am now because of her. Biggest thanks and hug to my beautiful Momma.” 

Mariella, for her part, posts an old travel photo of her and Ayen and she has this to say: 

“Hi! So, this was 12 years ago. Take the photo in and see the changes, yes, I promise they’re there. There is one thing that hasn’t changed though. (No, it’s not our “baby faces” or stance.) It’s the beautiful woman next to me. She’s still my number one inspiration. I’ve always wanted to be like you and this is one of the many photos we have that show that. To name a few… 

* Looks: Do you see how our eyebrows were almost non existent? My Kilay goals inspiration wasn’t the online videos I saw. There were no kilays as fleek as my Mom’s back then. 

* Favorites: This was in Notting Hill, London. One of my Moms favorite places. Also on my list of places to visit. Plus, we bond over the movie too much we can probably act out scenes by now. 

* Work and play balance expert. Mom always worked hard, but we bond over travels like THIS too. I will always look up to how you balance everything and make sure you have quality time with us.

We connect in ways I always treasure.

She is the Lorelai to my Rory, the dancing Edna to my Tracy Turnbald and someone I connect for real since day one                    

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