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Meg Imperial returns to TV

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She is glad to be back in the small screen via GMA-7’s latest offering, the sexy drama-comedy series D’ Originals. 

“I wasn’t visible on the scene in recent months. My last regular soap was Bakit Manipis ang Ulap?’ on TV 5 in the early part of 2016. I also had a guest stint in ABS-CBN’s Ang Probinsyano. Now, it’s a breath of fresh air to be working at GMA. It’s simply exciting,” Meg Imperial says.

Is this her first time with the Kapuso network?

 “Nope! Actually, when I was just starting in the ‘biz, I made lots of guesting in their shows, only, I was sporting a different screen name back then. But now as Meg Imperial, this is my maiden show with them.”

Asked if she had a hard time adjusting to the transition, she says, “Honestly, I don’t have that feeling. On the contrary, the working environment here is tops. Not just my co-stars but all the staff members are nice. They’re easy and fun to deal with. 

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 “Perhaps, it helped that I already know some people in D’ Originals whom I’ve worked with in the past. It’s just great to be part of this project. That’s why I’m thankful to GMA for giving me this opportunity. I’m so happy with the way they treat me. I see that they really take good care of their artists,” explains Meg.

In the show, Meg plays the role of the mistress of Archie Alemania while Kim Domingo is the wife. In fact, there is one scene where the two of them had a “bikini showdown.”

 “Ha-ha-ha! Yes, that’s a fun scene. Kim and I have lots of catchy line exchange in the program. As the other woman, I’m strong here. I will not take things sitting down. Viewers will surely be delighted with our scenes together.”

This early, many are pitting her with Kim who’s as equally gorgeous and voluptuous as she is.

 “As long as it’s friendly, I would welcome the competition. Kim and I just knew each other personally through this show and during the initial taping days, I felt awkward because I don’t really know her. But as days went by, we gradually warmed up to each other and we’re good. 

“We always talk on the set. Regarding the rivalry angle, we just laugh it off. We collaborate and discuss on how to improve our scenes together. Our working relationship is fine. I believe that both of us are professional and that’s what’s important.”

Many are curious if she got intimidated by Kim now referred to as the new “Pantasya ng Bayan.”

 “Well, honestly, I don’t feel such whatsoever. I can say I’m more confident with myself at this point. To reiterate, I have a good working relationship with Kim. We became friends on the set,” ends Meg.


According to Christian Bautista, he is thankful to GMA-7 for giving him acting assignments despite his identity as a front rank balladeer.

 “Since I officially became a Kapuso, the management has given me several opportunities to explore my acting skill like in With a Smile and Strawberry Lane which was a welcome thing for me. Acting also gives me a different high and I enjoy doing it,” he states.

He is part of the highly anticipated local re-boot of the hit Koreanovela Love from the Star which top-bills Jennylyn Mercado and newcomer Gil Cuerva.Yes! I’m so excited with this project. It’s going to air in GMA soon and I know that many are already waiting for this because of its huge popularity. I play the role of Winston in the story. He will provide the love triangle factor.”

The singer-host-actor-model reveals that he had to make some sacrifices for his character in the program.

“I had to lose weight to complement Jen and Gil’s looks. But it’s worth it!”

Christian says people should really support their upcoming prime time offering.

 “For one, it offers a fresh combination. It’s my first time to work opposite Jen and Gil. Direk Joyce Bernal also made sure that the soap would have a glossy look, like a movie. For sure, viewers will fall in love with it,” he points out.

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