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Every day is like a relaxing weekend for this collector

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Fed Dimal is an avid anime fan. He loves photography and collects anything from Coca-cola special edition collectibles to One Piece items.

He also loves vintage items and have them repurposed into more useful creations, like his classic center table made out of capiz window and his old singer sewing machine converted into a nice table, topped with narra wood.

Recently retired from employment in a big electric company, Dimal is now enjoying his days buying and selling the stuff he has collected through the years.

“Parang weekend sa akin every day,” beamed Dimal now in is mid 50s.

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Most of all, he’s enjoying to see all his vast collection and earning from some of the items he’s willing to dispose. ‘Of course, I still get to keep the more rare items.”

One of this very collectible item is a special coke bottle made to commemorate the royal wedding of Prince Charles and the late Lady Diana.

He may be selling some of his collections, but he’s not stopping from acquiring more items. The new ones far outnumber the items for disposable. It’s indeed a daily weekend for this collector.

Fed Dimal (center) with Picker kings Jun Manalo and Dong Muncal




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