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Ariel Rivera returns to Kapuso

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After years with the Kapamilya network, Ariel Rivera returns to the Kapuso network to star in the afternoon series Hahamakin ang Lahat opposite fellow ex-Kapamilya Eula Valdez.

The heart-wrenching melodrama also stars the newest love team Kapuso is building up – also an ex-Kapamilya Kristoffer Martin and Chinese Filipina Joyce Ching (in an attempt to counter the Chinita wave at the rival network), and former child star Snooky Serna in another role that will make audiences either love or hate her.

 Singer-actor Ariel Rivera doesn’t mind being a Kapuso while his wife Gelli is a Kapamilya

The show premiered on the last day of October, and  GMA Network is glad the audience is giving the show a favorable feedback.

The story revolves around the repeating fates of a mother and her child who both had to bear the agony of not being able to be with the man they truly love because of the struggles and conflicts they encounter in winning the approval of their respective families. 

Seasoned actress Eula Valdez is one of the lead cast members of “Hahamakin ang Lahat”

Eula Valdez is Ivy Tan from a rich Chinese family. She falls in love a man who her father does not approve of. She is willing to sacrifice everything to be with the man she loves.

Ariel Rivera is Nelson Solano, a Filipino who is in love with Ivy and is willing to fight for his love. He assures Ivy that he will love her for the rest of his life.

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Snooky Serna is Laura Caraca, Ivy’s maid whom she considers a friend. She was the one who helped Ivy and Nelson with their plan to elope. 

Joyce Ching is Rachel Tan Ke. She is Ivy’s daughter. She grew up knowing her mother is Ivy’s sister. She gets pregnant by her boyfriend but he escapes from his responsibility and runs away.

Kristoffer Martin is Junjun Labsat, Laura’s son who will deeply fall in love with Rachel and willing to do anything for her to love him back. 

Thea Tolentino is Phoebe Tan Ke, the scheming and backstabbing sister of Rachel. She will also be attracted to Junjun but will not act on it because she doesn’t want to be disowned by her family.

Completing the cast are Chinggoy Alonzo as Erickson Tan, the strict father of Ivy; Marc Abaya as Luisito Labsat, Laura’s faithful husband; Jett Pangan as Charlie Ke, Cynthia’s husband who is nice to Ivy; Marina Benipayo as Cynthia Tan Ke, Ivy’s older sister who is jealous of her; Renz Valerio as Puloy, Junjun’s loyal friend; Mona Louise Rey as Gigi, the youngest daughter of Laura and Sito. The series introduces Bruno Gabriel as Santi Valderama, Rachel’s boyfriend who will get her pregnant.

Ariel Rivera says he’s glad to be back in the network that started him on the teleserye front. “It feels like I am coming home,” he said during the press presentation of the cast of the series. He added, “I am glad to work with Eula and Cooky (Snooky),” who he said are two of the actresses he admires most.

Asked if he doesn’t feel awkward that his wife (Gelli de Belen) is doing work for the Kapamilya network while he is on the Kapuso lot, he said, “At least both of us are working. We don’t have to be on the same network to be professionally fulfilled.”


AiAi de las Alas is proud of Area, the indie movie she is starring in. The film won the Special Jury Prize at the 12th Eurasia International Film Festival in Kazakhstan. Delas Alas and co-star Allen Dizon attended the awarding ceremony on Sept. 30.

The film was in competition along with 12 other films from different countries in the feature film category.

Delas Alas plays an aging prostitute in Pampanga while Allen plays the man who runs the brothel where Delas Alas’ character works in.

Area, the film’s title refers to a place where aging sex workers offer their services at a bargain.

Delas Alas’ son, Sancho, also plays an important role in the film along with actress Sue Prado.

Delas Alas told members of the press during a press conference at Max’s Restaurant on Roces Avenue how she was moved by the compliments she got for her performance from the audience of mostly Kazakhstanis and other nationals.

After she got the Papal medal Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice, she said that roles like the one she played in Area might take a back seat, unless of course the material is compelling enough to make people aware of certain issues in society that can make her accept an offer.

Delas Alas may not be anticipating another award for her role, but those who have seen the film during the closing of the 2016 QCinema International Film Festival say she could be in the running for a major award in next year’s awards season.


At the press screening of Kusina in August, lead star Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, who came out of her two-year hiatus, emphatically stated, “As you get older, naghahanap ka ng mga pelikula na magpapangiti sa puso mo…I’m so thankful na binuhay nitong Kusina  ‘yung passion ko for acting.”

To hear this from the seasoned actress, plus the fact that Kusina was nominated for Best Film at the Cinemalaya Film Festival, is an indication that this latest offering from Viva Films and Cinematografica is a movie worth seeing. 

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo in her comeback indie movie “Kusina”

Kusina tells the story of Juanita whose life literally began in the kitchen where she was born in the 30s, and where she continually chooses to spend all her time up to the present.  Juanita’s passion for cooking is due to the influence of her grandmother who raised her after her mother died from childbirth. She always bears in mind her grandmother’s advice:  “Kapag nagluluto ka, lagi mong iisipin kung sinong pinagluluto mo.  Kapag nasagot mo na ‘yan, alam mo na kung anong lulutuin mo.”

Through the years, Juanita comes up with different recipes for her family (her aloof father, her supportive grandmother, her husband and children) and friends, and in the process, the evolution of her relationship with them is revealed.  But while she busies herself to feed and meet the satisfaction of the people she loves, even strangers who take momentary refuge in her home, how does catering to her own taste figure in her priorities?

Cenon Palomares and David Corpus directed the mvie from Palomares’ screenplay that won the grand prize at the 56th Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards in Literature in 2006. 

The most favorite Filipino dishes, like pinakbet (meat vegetable stew with shrimp paste), sinigang (pork and vegetables in sour broth), dinuguan (pork blood stew), and adobo (stewed chicken or pork in soy sauce and vinegar), are just a few of the dishes you can feast your eyes on in this film.  Almost all of the scenes are shot in the kitchen based on the stories of the people who come in and out of Juanita’s kitchen. The audience can visualize what is happening outside. 

Joining Judy Ann is Gloria Sevilla as the grandmother, Joem Bascon as Péles, the husband, and Luis Alandy as Alejandro, the other man in Juanita’s life. 

Get your fill of this emotionally charged comeback film of Judy Ann.  Kusina opens in cinemas tomorrow.

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