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Beauty pageant takes ugly twist

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PHILIPPINE candidate at the recently concluded Miss Earth pageant was caught on camera making nasty remarks about the new Miss Earth winner, Katherin Espin of Ecuador.

In a 19-second video clip posted on YouTube on Oct. 30 and later shared on Pageontology Facebook page, a social media account solely dedicated to beauty pageant updates, the 21-year-old Filipino-German Imelda Schweighart was caught talking to her supporters right after the coronation night held at the Mall of Asia Arena. 

“The winner has fake nose, fake chin and fake boobs. Miss Earth should be natural,” Schweighart was heard speaking in Filipino.

The clip has been taken down on YouTube but copies of the video are still making rounds on Facebook and Twitter.

DOWN-TO-EARTH COMMENT. Miss Philippines Imelda Schweighart finds herself beside Ecuador’s Katherine Elizabeth Espin, the new Miss Earth winner, hours before the former made what some called ‘down-to-earth’ remarks—insulting, according to others—with the video clips still making rounds on Facebook and Twitter. Lino Santos

In an interview with CNN Philippines, Schweighart defended herself, saying she was just talking to her supporters.

“I didn’t mean to insult Miss Ecuador. Actually she said it herself that she underwent surgery. But how I said it was so unmindful while I was saying it,” she said.

Pageant followers said Miss Philippines’ behavior was unbecoming and said she was sourgraping after she failed to make it to the final cut.

On her Instagram, the Palawan born beauty contestant made another remark on the gown Miss Ecuador wore during the finals night. She said in her caption: “Philippines didn’t make it but here’s the gown I was supposed to wear. Made for me by Leo Almodal.”

She later said in an interview with CNN Philippines that she felt offended that the gown was given to Miss Ecuador.

“I’m not bitter. If it’s a crime to tell the truth, I’m sorry,” Schweighart said.

Earlier this month, Schweighart made headlines when she told Miss Austria Kimberley Budinsky on Facebook Live that President Rodrigo Duterte was “doing Hitler stuff in the Philippines.” But she quickly apologized and told the media that she supports the President.

Schweighart relinquished her crown as Miss Philippines Earth on Monday after internet users bashed her for criticizing Espín.

Former beauty queen Lorraine Schuck, executive vice president of Carousel Productions, which owns the Miss Earth franchise in the Philippines met with Schweighart and her mother Annabeth Bautista Monday afternoon, shortly before they announced the resignation.

Carousel Productions personnel said Bautista was alarmed at the bashing that Schweighart had been getting after a video of her insulting Espin went viral on social media.

Schweighart failed to make it to the top 16 of Miss Earth 2016, which was eventully won by Espín along with Miss Earth Air Michelle Gomez of Colombia, Miss Earth Water Stephanie De Zorzi of Venezuela and Miss Earth Fire, Bruna Zanardo of Brazil.

Espín was crowned Miss Earth 2016 at the pageant’s grand coronation night on Saturday at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, succeeding Filipina beauty queen Angelia Ong.

While Schweighart failed to make it past the round of 16, Sweden’s Cloie Syquia Skarne, the half-sister of actress and television host KC Concepcion, finished in the Top 8.

Schweighart was gunning for an unprecedented third straight Miss Earth crown for the Philippines after Ong and 2014 titleholder Jamie Herrell.

The 23-year-old Espin, a model and cosmetologist, said she joined the beauty contest to forward her advocacy of instilling in young students the importance of taking care of the environment.

“I chose this because I believe that the best age to teach a person to have environmental conscience is at an early age because on their growing years they will learn to have respect towards the environment which will help to the future generations,” she said


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