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Manila celebrates 453rd Founding Anniversary : ‘Tunog Maynila,’ ‘Kasalang Bayan 2024,’and City Service Loyalty Awards

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The city of Manila kicked off its 453rd founding anniversary with a series of vibrant events, including the highly successful ‘Tunog Maynila’ concert and the ‘Kasalang Bayan 2024,’ highlighting the city’s festive spirit and dedication to its community.

Despite the rain that day, a large number of Manileños attended the free concert “Tunog Maynila,” taking in performances honoring the rich cultural legacy of the city.

The events, which served as a prelude to the major celebration of “Araw ng Maynila” today, June 24, 2024, were personally led by Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna and Vice Mayor Yul Servo.

Mayor Lacuna expressed her joy at seeing the crowd’s energy and resilience despite the rain, saying, “The spirit of Manila is truly alive and vibrant, no matter the weather.”

In another significant event, 253 couples were united in matrimony through the ‘Kasalang Bayan 2024,’ either in civil rites or in church.

During the reception, Mayor Lacuna urged the newlyweds to be responsible in their decision to marry and to work hard to make their marriages successful. She also called on the sponsors to guide and support the couples in their journey.

“I want everyone here, especially the couples getting married, to understand that this ceremony, officiated by the city mayor, is legal and valid. I hope your love for each other continues to grow. To the sponsors, please guide and help the newlyweds to ensure a beautiful union,” Lacuna stated.

Adding to the celebrations, the city government recognized its long-serving employees at the City Service Loyalty Awards held at The Metropolitan Theater last June 13.

Mayor Lacuna and Vice Mayor Servo honored 263 employees with 25 years of service, 158 with 30 years, 52 with 35 years, and 12 with 40 years of service.

Additionally, 11 awardees with more than 40 years of service were recognized as they approached compulsory retirement.

Felimon G. Sanchez from the Department of Engineering and Public Works was the top awardee, honored for his remarkable 45 years of service to the city.

The festivities and recognitions underscore the city government’s appreciation for the dedication and loyalty of its employees, as well as its commitment to celebrating the culture and unity of Manila.

As the city gears up for the main ‘Araw ng Maynila’ celebration, these events have set a spirited tone for what promises to be a grand commemoration of Manila’s storied history.


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