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Monday, December 4, 2023

People are talking about Janine Gutierrez

Janine Gutierrez

 If there’s one thing Filipinos love to see on their small screens, it’s a compelling drama filled with revelations and explosive emotions. ABS-CBN and Dreamscapes Dirty Linen seem to bring that and more as viewers can’t help but tune in to the story’s progression. Janine has also been receiving praise from audiences on social media as they found her portrayal of the lead character moving and inspiring despite the dangers she faces. Safe to say, they can’t wait to see Lotlot’s daughter exact revenge on people who “killed” her mom in the series. 

Dina Bonnevie 

The veteran actress finally told the truth about her encounter with Alex Gonzaga in an episode of Fast Talk with Boy Abunda. According to Dina, their co-stars, Gabby Concepcion, Iñigo Pascual, and Nadine Lustre, elected her as spokesperson to call out a young Alex about her professionalism. Even though the issue was a decade ago, Dina still recalls it and made sure it was a teaching moment for Alex. She continues to call out any of the actress’s missteps on social media, though, because who can get past THE Dina Bonnevie? 

People are not talking about…

McCoy de Leon 

His split with Elisse Joson didn’t last long, as photos of them strolling around in public with their daughter surfaced on social media. Even McCoy’s social media only focuses on their family now. Nonetheless, netizens, who were once noisy about their separation, are mum about their reconciliation. Maybe they’re respecting the couple’s privacy as they work toward fixing their relationship and creating a stronger bond for their family. 

Paolo Contis 

Many people consider financial support a father’s duty to his children. But not Paolo. He admitted he doesn’t give any money to his three children but promises he’s saving up for something they can use in the future. While that still falls under financial support, in the long run, his children may not fully appreciate his efforts if he remains estranged from them. If not through financial support, he could find other ways to be present. 

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