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Maintaining your much-loved car

When you entrust a casa with the care of your vehicle, you must be ready to pay all associated costs whenever you visit for routine maintenance.

This is the typical line of many automobile owners who bring their vehicles to the specific dealership of the car manufacturer, both during and after the warranty term.

It has long been customary—not just the law—that the new car you purchased must be maintained by the dealership to which you bought it for the remainder of its warranty; otherwise, the warranty, as stated in the warranty book, will be nullified.

Many people disagree with the 3- or 5-year warranty on new cars because it offers no assurance to the car owner that he can return the vehicle within the time allotted for financing the vehicle if and when it turns out to be a “lemon car” (a vehicle that has been found to have a factory defect after a battery of tests by the dealer and even the manufacturer’s expert mechanics).

In the lengthy history of the local auto industry, the “lemon law” has never been challenged in court or had a complaint brought against a dealer or a manufacturer.

What exactly is the value of that warranty now that you’ve decided to have the dealer or the casa maintain your car? Will you no longer take good care of your car if it is ruled that your warranty is void because you disregarded one of the terms in the warranty book?

The next significant thing that is happening these days, aside from the left and right openings of numerous eateries and food stores, is the proliferation of numerous car maintenance facilities in the metro and even in the regions.

When you visit Banaue Street in Quezon City, the seemingly unending array of aftermarket goods and supplies will astound you to no end.

Anything you need for your car can be requested, and it will be provided.Simply ask for assistance if a particular store does not have the tiny item you require, and they will quickly direct you to the store next door or to their coworkers in the car lane if necessary.

When changing a tire that you purchased from a well-known tire retailer nearby, you can avoid paying for labor and the required alignment. In contrast to the casa, they frequently won’t do an alignment if only one or two worn-out tires are changed. That necessitates the purchase of four completely new tires, even if some of them are still in good condition and function properly.

I’m not completely opposed to you bringing your brand-new car to the casa. A benefit of using their services is that they work with mechanics and specialists who are focused on the cars sold by their specific dealership. In other words, their staff is competent and capable of quickly identifying any issues with your car.

The high cost of having your automobiles repaired by the casa, however, is something that many find objectionable. For instance, the cost of an original product in Banaue is typically far less than that in the casa. Additionally, you will be responsible for the cost of the labor to install it in your automobile.

Additionally, if you are not that attentive to the estimated documents that are offered to you, there may occasionally be a number of unneeded items incorporated without your knowledge. And this needs to end.

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