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Stress on the road… so unnecessary

Another major road accident happened last Jan. 10 where a total of 12 cars and motorcycles were damaged and 10 were injured after a Land Cruiser, with two men onboard, were seen plowing through them at the corner of Shaw Blvd. and San Miguel Avenue.

The SUV driver and his passenger have a lot of explaining to do when they are scheduled to appear this Monday before the LTO office in Quezon City.

It can be recalled that another incident happened also last year when an SUV driver hit a traffic officer on duty. But the issue suddenly went pffft from the national scene as both parties quietly settled on the side.

It is interesting to know how the Jan. 10 accident would go through as there are several parties the defendants had to deal with this time.

Accidents such as these can be avoided if the screening process for those applying for driving licenses would be done very strictly. But that is definitely close to saying that there is a need to completely overhaul the whole process.

Offices of the LTO are always full of new and renewal applicants for driving licenses every day. But the process of getting one is so easy even those foreigners that are being assisted by some locals in getting their respective licenses can easily get one in just under an hour.

Driving needs no extraordinary skills, but one should have the necessary knowledge how to drive a vehicle. And not only that, they also need the extra cool head in order to deal with the never-ending stress created while on the road.

Thus, the need to add psychological tests to those who are applying for a driver’s license.

The roads of Metro Manila are certainly full of stress to drive through. That’s why one needs a lot of tempering of their emotions. The mere sight of motorcycle riders criss crossing one’s path will surely bring your blood to a boil. There is not only one but too many of them you could meet while you are driving. If you are a new driver, don’t tell us you would not dare to hit your horn most of the time or even curse them out loud?

Persons who get easily stressed out would really find driving a very stressful activity and susceptible to do things that could be harmful to those around them.

If those exams for aspiring drivers would have additional questions to identify those persons that are easily susceptible to stress, then, maybe then they may have the clue what kind of driver he or she would be when they already have their licenses.

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