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realme leaps forward with cleaner, more sustainable operations

Among the smartphone brand’s global goals is to cut 50% carbon emissions in five years

The world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand, realme, ensures that its corporate social responsibilities do not fall by the wayside amid the rapid growth as the company reiterates its commitment to sustainability.

The five-year-old company is moving steadily towards becoming an eco-friendly and sustainable tech player, with the Philippines as one of its key markets. At MWC 2022 in February last year, realme unveiled its “Sustainability Vision” initiative, which sees the company cut 50% of its carbon emissions from its GT series in five years. The process entails minimizing the full-cycle carbon footprint from material selection to design, manufacturing, packaging, usage, and recycling.

realme is taking bold steps to benefit both consumers and the planet through its groundbreaking “Double Zero” initiative. By committing to achieve net-zero carbon emissions in its corporate operations and ensuring zero waste is sent to landfills by 2025, realme is not only leading the way in eco-conscious practices but also creating tangible advantages for its customers.

This initiative is designed to bring about significant changes in realme’s day-to-day operations, all with the primary goal of preserving the environment and enhancing the consumer experience. They are actively reducing its carbon footprint and minimizing waste generation, all while increasing the use of renewable energy sources and improving resource recycling rates.

When you choose realme products, you’re not only getting leap-forward technology but also supporting a brand that is actively contributing to the fight against climate change. realme’s dedication to reducing global warming trends directly benefits the planet and the well-being of future generations.

For championing sustainability, realme has been recently named in Fortune China’s “2023 Impact 65 List of Startups in China.” The list recognizes young companies that are already making people’s lives better and creating measurable progress in addressing social and environmental issues as part of their core business strategy.

Since its launch in 2018, realme has always adhered to green development. Powered by its “Dare to Leap” spirit that empowers the youth, realme achieved breakthroughs and won the confidence of young consumers around the world for pursuing cleaner and more sustainable operations.

For instance, realme practices the “3R+1D” design concept, which promotes the reduction, recycling, reuse, and degradability of its products and packaging. Meanwhile, realme’s premium flagship, realme GT2 Pro, is the world’s first smartphone to feature a biopolymer for its entire rear panel. The design choice reduces carbon emissions from its manufacturing by 35.5%, while the material also creates 2kg fewer carbon emissions for every kilogram made as compared to its purely petroleum-based counterpart. The percentage of plastic used in the phone’s packaging has also been reduced from 21.7% to a miniscule 0.3%. At the same time, realme has established a complete product recycling system to minimize damage to the environment.

Last August, realme celebrated its fifth anniversary and unveiled the “Leap-Forward Climbing Plan.” The goal is for the company to reach new heights through sustainable development and by providing leap-forward products to young people around the world.

For more information about realme Philippines, check out realme’s official website or Facebook.

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